Congratulations to Brayden Schenn. Well deserved. “Hockey Canada has officially added Brayden Schenn to its world junior team selection-camp roster.” For the rest of the article, click on the TSN Article. Sitting on his butt waiting for Kings’ management to figure out what to do with him had to be unnerving. Hopefully, it will fuel a successful World Junior Championship campaign.

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  1. You gotta feel for this guy Schenn. Does not seem to me that he was treated too fairly. You got the idea that Murray would only play him if someone else got injured. Lombardi did not know whether or not to get off the pot. Hopefully this won’t affect Braden’s esteem for the team.

  2. This will be Schenn’s chance to prove that he belonged on this team from the beginning. He needs to keep his head up, and improve on whatever the coaching staff has told them they need to see from him, and come back next year stronger than ever. I am pulling for him to do that.

  3. Good for him! I look forward to seeing him on
    KINGS team next season. He is a future Star IMO.


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