Terry Murray’s maddening and incessant line changes have reached a new height. Against the Red Wings, he is putting Davis Drewiske as a fourth line left wing. Did Whiskey play wing in Wisconsin? In midgets perhaps? I get this sometimes happens in the event of an emergency during a game when you lose a couple of wingers to injury or misconduct penalties and I have seen it a couple of times before, but Murray is doing this after deliberate thought…I joked with a fellow season ticket holder last game that Murray’s next move may be to put Johnson as the first line left wing. I wasn’t too far off, eh boys?

Hey, it could be worse. Whiskey could have been put on the 1st line. The only potential merit to this move is that our new dangler, Kevin Westgarth (credit to Lombardi for that beauty of a line), is out of the lineup. Know also that part of the unspoken reason for this move is due to Murray’s refusal to match lines.

If nothing else, it should be interesting to watch. Let’s hope this doesn’t explode in our face. At the end of this insanity, I just want our Kings to win this game.

Remember to be outrageously loud tonight.