Not the Baldwin. Martinez. He has been a hockey godsend.

Willie will be back in about a week. Our top 4 will stabilize. That leaves Greene, Martinez, Whiskey and Harrold + a potential Muzzin but not likely with the already existing log jam for 5 and 6. Assuming Whiskey doesn’t become a fixture as a fourth line left wing (I am only partially kidding because we all know there are no fixtures to any of the Kings’ lines) that is four defensemen and two open spots. You know that one of those is going to Greene so that leaves one open spot and three defensemen. We could dress seven D. I believe (someone correct me if I am wrong), Drewiske and Harrold would have to clear waives if they are sent to Manchester.

What do you think? I haven’t wrapped my head around it yet.

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  1. Why I do believe that Drewiske might become one of those “young defensemen tradable assests” I’ve heard so much about the past few years from fellow Kings fans.

  2. This is a tough problem. Dean has to think this through. Maybe send Martinez down for a while with the understanding that he ahs played well enough to be a strong contender long term. You are correct, Drewiske cannot go down without clearing waivers.

    Also, unlikely that the Kings will make it through the rest of the season without an injury to another defenseman.

    Having said that, I love this kid. That break to the net on the overtime goal was genius…

  3. I found it interesting DD2 played forward instead of Harrold. That’s not good news for DD2. By the way I’ve said if before and I’ll say it again, when Harrold plays, he one of the better D-men. I know he’s not great but he is consistantly solid with few mistakes. He obviously doesn’t have top notch skills but he seems to always play to full potential. What more can you ask for?

    I personaaly would keep Alec. I would rotate Harrold between forward and D. Even though he’s having an off year so far, Greene isn’t going anywhere. That leaves DD2…..I think he’s in trouble.

  4. Hahaha…this is such the WRONG time to ask this question to us fans. The guy made the perfect defensive play followed by the perfect offensive rush to finish the perfect play to defeat not only just an opposition team in overtime….but the mother effing Red Wings! And the mother effing Red Wings playing as good as they ever have.

    So you talk about what are we going to do with him? Well right now I’m looking at erecting him an effing statue right out next to Gretz!

    I’ll get back to you next week when I’m done trying to get my daughter married to him.

  5. Martinez certainly earned himself serious consideration for staying around, but when you factor in the loyalty shown by Terry Murray for guys who have been around longer, not to mention the reluctance to put Drewiske on waivers to send him to Manchester, then I would guess he would be the one to go back to the farm. They should tell him that he would get the first call up opportunity that arises when they send him down, though.


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