Correction…Rene Bourque is the shit that a piece of shit wipes from its shoe. There is no honor in being a coward, much less a no talent hack of a coward. Tonight, Rene Bourque showed Drew Doughty, the Kings, our fans, and the National Hockey League that he is exactly that. A no talent pussy who in the waning seconds of a game takes the mother of all cheap shots, a spear, right into Doughty’s mid section. Why would any player ever do such a thing? Ask dog shit why it smells or Brent Sutter why he is so damn ugly. They are what they are born to be. Rene Bourque is no different, as are any Calgary fans who would defend such an action or react to it with anything other than shame. If Rene Bourque receives anything less than a three game suspension and a significant fine, then the NHL should take its credibility and set it aflame…and for those Flames fans, no, I didn’t misspell his name in the title. He earned the extra “e” in his first name tonight.

Here is the video.