62.1 Spearing

Spearing shall mean stabbing an opponent with the point of the stick blade, whether contact is made or not.

62.3 Major Penalty

A major penalty shall be imposed on a player who spears an opponent.

62.5 Game Misconduct Penalty

Whenever a major penalty is assessed for spearing, a game misconduct penalty must also be imposed.

Failure times three for the on ice officials. Yeah, yeah, I know, they didn’t see it. It didn’t happen by the damn concession stands behind some fat Flames’ fan with four hot dogs. It was right in front of the damn net.

But that doesn’t matter, right? The NHL will certainly watch the video and realize that the on ice officials may have blown it but they must take some action? They will suspend Bourque? Fine him? Warn him? Something? Anything? No.

Failure on and off the ice.

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  1. I’m hoping that there will still be some sort of repercussion for the spearing after the fact. Who knows? Maybe it’ll get reviewed.

    62.6 Fines and Suspensions – There are no specified fines or suspensions for spearing, however, supplementary discipline can be applied by the Commissioner at his discretion.

  2. I’m hoping for a different kind of punishment Kasey, one meted out in front the fans at center ice. I spent all day yesterday hunting for word that the league had meted out punishment and couldn’t find it. Then I tuned to the Ducks/ Canucks game and there he was in all his glory, spear in hand. Punishing Rene Bourque (more than having a French girl’s name already does) now falls to the Kings, and it has to happen the first shift that weasel is on the ice. I know most of you here are not big fans of fighting in the game, but this is what it is for. The Kings were smart not to get too carried away in the final seconds and risk their own discipline, but the direct assault on one of the teams stars CANNOT GO UNPUNISHED AT THE NEXT MEETING OF THESE TEAMS! Rene Bourque needs to play the entire next Kings/Flames game with a target on.


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