It’s done. Marco Sturm is a Los Angeles King. Congratulations to Sturm. For the veteran left wing, this is an opportunity to revitalize his career. Coming back from two knee surgeries in three years and gaining his healthy form of a 20 goal scorer with speed and smarts won’t be easy. Nothing in life worth earning should be.

Good luck Sturm.


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  1. Let’s hope this works, and he is able to contribute fully. If he pots a few goals and costs us in our own end because he’s not mobile enough, it won’t be worth it to me. I’m going to try very hard to keep an open mind about this, and I do want him to do well, but I would be lying if I didn’t confess to some serious misgivings about this. Good luck Marco! I will be all to happy to be wrong about this.

  2. Done WHEN he passes the physical.

  3. from a bruins fan!! one thing marco won,t be is a liability, he brings a lot of enthusiasam and he was one of the best players to have come out of the thorton trade it change the the bruins in to more of a harder working team. I wish marco all the best and now have become a bit of a king fan now and hope to see the kings do well. Good luck sturmy and you L.A. Kings

    • Thanks Bob. You are welcome here anytime to talk puck.

      • Thanks bobby will enjoy talking hockey.just watched the kings interview with sturmie, it was a awsome to see him so motivated ,he was the same way when he came to boston. can’t wait to seem him in a game! congrats on beating detriot….

  4. I would be a lot happier than I am about this deal if the Kings weren’t going to be on the hook for $2.34 million of his salary. That’s a lot of money for a guy who at this stage of his career appears to be this fragile. Had he been cleared to play in Boston, I might feel better, but that hadn’t happened yet, and even if he passes tomorrow, he may not hit the ice with us for another week. I just have a lot of feelings of dread about this, that it isn’t going to work.

  5. Hope it’ll be Justin Williams 2.0

  6. Also a big Marco fan here in Boston. Now have to learn about the Kings organization and get used to staying up for the 10:30 pm EST puck drops!

    Good luck Marco. Will be following you from here in Bean Town.


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