While I am a proverbial health nut, tonight I rebelled. I sat down and had a small and very manageable bowl of regular M&Ms (peanut ones suck), Skittles, and Jelly Bellies. I decided to treat myself to one each time we scored a goal, made a great play or Quick made a big save…I was strolling back to refill the small bowl by the 10 minute mark of the second period…and again by the middle of the third.

Where do I start? To avoid writing a novella, let’s hit the highlights:

  • Simmonds’ goal was long overdue. He has been working hard the past couple of games and this was a very sweet reward for that effort. He is at his best when he plays like a power forward.
  • Big props to Kings’ defense (Mitchell especially) for controlling some of those rebounds and getting a body on Holmstrom to eliminate or neutralize him. You think we missed Willie? More than a little. He was pure awesome tonight. Doughty also did a good job as did Scuderi.
  • The second penalty against Martinez in the second for holding was pretty much bullshit but, whatever. Sun goes up, sun comes down, refs suck, you learn to trust it after a while.
  • Congratulations to Oscar Moller on his first goal this season. A nice rebound pick up on a Doughty point shot, deflected by Clifford and on net.
  • Good job Terry Murray for rolling four lines to not wear out his top two. See…I can compliment him too.
  • The number of times the announcers said the word “Quick” – 51 times for each save and 102 additional times praising Quick after each save.
  • Alec Martinez was very Martinez of last season…let’s hope that’s not a trend. We have been singing Viva La Alec songs for a few games now.
  • 38 to 17 in shots after two periods? Wow. 51 shots by the end? Jesus.
  • If you stood at the Kings’ blue line in the second period, you would fall over and into the Kings’ zone.
  • That third goal was a thing of beauty. First, Kopitar forces a turnover in the neutral zone. Then Justin Williams near the blue line and with his back to the play, tosses it into the zone, lateral and low. Dustin Brown flies in all alone (how the hell did Brownie get so alone?) to the net. Dustin then takes the shot…because that is what Dustin does…and Kopi gets the rebound. Does he shoot? No. He patiently lets Howard go down like a pro on Sunset Boulevard and Anze shovels it over the down and out Howard.
  • The third period was odd. The Kings dominated the early going and took control. Not only Kopi’s goal but Dustin Brown hit the post with about 17:40 left, beating Howard clean. Easily should have been 4-0 at that time. Doughty then made it 4-0 on a shot that deflected off Kopitar. Doughty showed patience and kudos for the low, hard shot. More of that. Those are the ones that give goalies fits. After we went up 5-0 on the rocket of the slapper by Jack Michigan Man Johnson, I know the Wings didn’t give up but you could feel they were going through the motions. Did we beat them? Yes. Notice how we were all over their turnovers and made them pay? Yes. Did we break their spirit? YES! And I loved it.
  • After the Kings went up 5-0, did you look at the scoreboard and ask yourself, “are we really up 5-0?” I did.

Some tidbits:

  • Red Wings fans suck. After it was 3-0, the crowd sounded like mute zombies. At Staples Center, you would hear LET’S GO KINGS chants, cheering, chics flashing, fights, anything to get the team going…then again, we wouldn’t have fallen behind 3-0 nor lost 5-0 so the analogy requires a stretched imagination.
  • Red Berenson was interviewed during the third period. He was asked what he thought of Jack’s play. He responded “Dean Lombardi sucks…” I know, I was offended as well…I kid Red…Love you man, keep knocking out those big time players.
  • Lidstrom is 40? Come on. He’s cheating. Only if you start counting when he turned 12.
  • Mike Babcock is a great coach and he can compliment Doughty with deity references anytime. Thanks Babs.
  • Was it my imagination or were there lots of empty seats at the Joe Louis Arena…I am assuming they were mugged or picked up by their parole officers before they got into the Joe.
  • Bertuzzi isn’t ugly. He is what ugly considers offensive. If Bertuzzi was an odor, he would be a screaming death fart. If he was a woman, he would be a man. If he was a felon, he would be dead man walking. He is a felon. He should not be playing hockey, nor paid for it. Every time I see him on the ice, I am reminded what he did to Steve Moore…moving on…
  • Hopefully, Greene is fine…he says he’s fine. That means he’s fine, right? It better. Scuderi should only need stitches, if that. He can talk to Kopi all about that fun experience.

Damn that was a fun game. Are your lungs still sore from screaming at the TV? How many times did you yell #$%@ YEAH BABY! Me too.

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  1. Do give the Red Wings fans a little bit of slack… Attendance was 17,810, but there were THOUSANDS fewer than that in attendance. The terrible snowstorms up north and unbearable temperatures would surely drive many fans away.

    The temperatures were in single digits, and the wind chill was subzero. With those conditions, who’d really wanna spend their night at an ice rink?

    • Serves them right for living in Detroit. You know how rough we had it today in So Cal? 79? 79! That is like 9 degrees warmer than normal. That’s suffering. Snow storm…pfft. Go get some real problems.

      • I know right! Thank God I fixed my A/C this fall otherwise I’d have burned today on the road=P.

        But wow what a game! Quick made up for last game and some. The offense finally broke through and (gasp) another PP goal!

        GO KINGS GO!!

  2. haha man that whole story was full of awesome

  3. The real story of this game was redemption for Johnny Quick. He looked incredible tonight. I think he was pissed at himself from Saturday night. You gotta hand it to this guy, what an intense competitor. Been a while since we’ve seen a Kings goalie steal a game like that. Shame on you whoever booed him…

    You are correct, Murray was not outcoached by Babcock, something Iwas worried about.

    It was also nice to see the Kings get some time on National T.V., although I am not enamored with those Versus announcers. The Nickson/Evans radio feed was about one second ahead of the TV; I gotta find some software to get a delay so they are in sync.

    It was nice to see some defensemen get shots to go in. Maybe Red Berenson should watch Jack more often. Doughty finally got one to go in too.

    Masterpiece by Quick though, nice way to start off the road trip…

  4. Hey Scribe,

    Did you notice Murray matching lines? How ’bout that!

    We own the Red Wings.

  5. all that comes to mind when i think about this game is…

    (throws fists in the air) “FUCK>>>>>>>>YES>>>>>>>>!”

  6. Did anyone notice the music they were playing over the loud speakers after we started scoring on them? The theme was very noticeable. It was Wings suck. I can’t believe that would play those songs after an opposing team scored against them.

  7. Quick giveth away, Quick taketh back. I can’t remember a more outstanding game by a Kings’ goalie. That other team outplayed us by a mile, but we deserve a game like this, a game where all things go our way(goal wise). Our guys play hard,and this win was a reward for their continued efforts.

    Wow, I didn’t realize we would miss Willie so much. That guy is awesome.

    Welcome back Simmonds, you have been, well, your old self. We need you son to play the way you know how.

    I just want to give Kopitar a little shout out. The last 4 or 5 games have been a vast improvement of where you were at. Son, you have world class skills and if you learn how to improve your mental skills, you’ll be a top 10 player. You have been competing the last few games and it’s great to watch. You have to want to be the best, You have to go after it and I believe you’ve been taking steps forward. Keep it up son, keep attacking, keep creating, keep shooting. I like this Kopitar.

    Nice snow flakes boys….At first,.I thought a migrain was coming on.

  8. That was a fantastic game. I listened to the radio feed online, and it made the third period that much more incredible! I was glued to the speakers hoping and praying that Quick would get the shut out to completely erase the Wild game, and to show it for the aberration that it was for him. Mitchell was awsome, and it appears that Greene isn’t that badly hurt, which is great! Very good to see Doughty on the board for 3 assists, and Simmonds playing like his old self.
    GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!

  9. I hate these type of Kings games.
    Had to put my favorite chair outside last nite.
    My girlfriend has much higher standards of what she considers soiled than I do.

    And yes mom, after the Kings game I was a little drink and didn’t want to play computer helpdesk between you and my causin. But I do own a few pair of large vice grips and would be willing to use on myself to pull out my teeth if you really need that help. Jeeeesus!

    And I would like to sit down in a chair that isn’t outside!
    Don’t need the neighbors seeing this.
    You think it was soiled before.

    Sorry, sorry, sorry.

  10. Would still like to see TM adjust better to another team who is pressing hard. In the 3rd TM had the team adjust, and alot of the shots were 1 and done, but that 2nd was scary. Quick did more than make his team look good.


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