But he passed his physical!

So he’s officially a King!

And he’s joining the team in St. Louis!

And and and he might play as soon as next week!

But I said he has huge teeth and no upper lip.

See for yourself in his interview with Heidi Androl on Kings Vision. (the source embed code from KingsVision never works for me… does wordpress suck or do I suck?)

Some think he won’t be the same player with two previously blown out knees.   I say screw those people.  My hopes are high for Marco.

Welcome Mr. Sturm, I usually don’t accept Germans into my house, but score a few goals next to Kopitar and I’ll make an exception for you.


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  1. Friend and fan of Marco here checking in from Boston. He’s a terrific guy–always has a smile on his face–and is a true player’s player. Our loss here in Boston, your gain in LA. Good luck Marco from a new Kings fan!

  2. He was great, positive presence and influence in the Bruins’ locker room. Hopefully will bring the same approach to the Kings.

  3. One thing I love about Germans are their work ethics. Hard workers and thats the kind of player we need on our team.

  4. Why don’t you let Germans in your house?

  5. In a sense, all jokes are half-jokes.


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