Erik Johnson, Andy McDonald, Alex Pietrangelo, David Perron, TJ Oshie, Roman Polak…all but with injuries. A walk in the park tonight? Not so much. Surly gave you his take of the game. Here is mine:

  • I am concerned about the Kings’ passing. So many of them from the defensive zone connect on the opposing team’s stick. We saw this again tonight and it has been a consistent Achilles Heel.
  • I have looked at the tape repeatedly and cannot find where Mitchell could have been hurt, unless it was a freak injury on an innocent play with over 7 minutes left in the first period. He did skate again thereafter but not for very long. If it happened in the first, it could be a pulled groin or strained knee. Hopefully, nothing serious.
  • I like Brad Winchester’s game. Big guy, can skate, aggressive and simple. He and Steen annoyed me to no end tonight.
  • Another game where the refs just sucked ass. It used to be that bad calls were the exception. Now, we just expect them every game and are surprised when the officials call a good game.
  • I like Jack’s new hostility at the blue line. He seems ready to destroy the rushing forwards who cross into our zone. This has been a trend the past three games.
  • So, anyone else notice how many one timers the Kings tried on the powerplay? As if the catalyst for their entire powerplay had suddenly become the one timer? Notice our second goal? A Kopitar one timer? Does Murray read our site? What am I talking about? Clickadity click here.
  • The first Blues’ goal started with a turnover by Kopitar in the neutral zone. A terrible pass in close range. That followed the Blues gaining possession and driving the puck into the offensive zone. Drewiske and Smyth were both weak and ineffective behind the red line which allowed Crombeen to get the puck to McClement who performed a cha-cha in front of Quick and back-handed it in. I had nothing but expletives.
  • The second goal against started with Doughty’s missed hip check on Sabotka and Doughty following that up by getting bumped off the puck in front of the net by the very same Russian who roofed it. Drew should get a -2 on that shift.
  • Blues played an aggressive game. The Kings were so damn conservative. God forbid a defenseman ever jump into the offensive zone on a rush while 5 on 5. I saw it happen once tonight and that was Rob Scuderi.
  • The third goal against was just the Kings getting out played. It was a power play goal and Winchester pulled a Smyth by deflecting it in while planted in front of the net.
  • I love Kyle Clifford…and it was so damn strange to see everyone, including the camera man, watching Westgarth v. Janssen while Clifford was throwing bombs against…some scrub whose name I can’t recall. The punch count was Clifford 4, Scrub 0. More importantly, that third Kings’ goal was all Clifford. Worked hard to keep the puck alive and fed it to Simmonds who buried it…now, with all that said, that last penalty with just over 2 minutes to play in the game and down 5-4 will land him in the dog house with Terry Murray. It’s the third time Kyle has taken an undisciplined penalty this season. Let’s hope he gets past this issue. He’s only 19. Discipline is learned.
  • Ryan Smyth needs a therapy day. He looks worn out. Perhaps Sturm’s first or second game.
  • The fourth goal was awful. I realize Jonathan may have been screened but good grief, he waved at it. This was Quick not being ready for a shot. He was going down as the shot was soaring up and over his trapper.
  • And the fifth goal against? The Kings’ defense collapsed, didn’t play the shooter and Steen buried it from inside the left circle. Bad goal? No. That is way too much time and space for a good shooter. Didn’t like that it was the short side, but give Steen credit where it’s due.

This game was the Kings not showing up ready and the defense unprepared for a hard-working and skating Blues’ lineup. It happens. When you score 4 goals and lose, look no further than the defense and goaltending.


Love my team. We’ll bounce back. GO KINGS!

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