Every smug face at the gym today looked like Steen…and forced me to turn away or risk imminent assault. At the gas station, a fifty something year old man with a St. Louis Rams hat walked to his truck…I suppressed the temptation of spraying him with the gas pump and launching a match. I must manage this anger at the 6-4 loss Thursday night. Medicine lies in tonight’s game.

The Predators. They are 8-0-2 in their last 10. Hunchback…blowback…camelback…Lindback, that’s the misbegotten name of Nashville’s goaltender who has danced with success the past several games. Bernier is expected to start for our soldiers. He is at the very center of my prayers. His success is the Kings’ success or Murray may ride Quick into the ground like he did last season.

Nashville touts 40 points, 6 of which are of the OT variety. They have played two more games than the Kings. Their powerplay sucks, their penalty killing is right there with ours and they otherwise match up pretty well with L.A. They also possess the no talent punk my fist to his face, Shane O’Brien, and pretty slick forwards in Steve Sullivan, Martin Erat and Cal O’Reilly. On defense is my favorite Pred, Shea Weber.

We don’t have Mitchell. I am still unclear as to whether we have Matt Greene. That’s a #2 and potentially our #5 off the defensive roster. Poni heads to the fourth line, which is amusing because two good shifts will get him right back to the third.

Will the Kings score first and gain the momentum? Will Kopitar and Brown continue their torrid scoring pace? Will Williams and Stoll regain their scoring touch? Which Drew Doughty will show up? Will Jack bring the mother f’ing Johnson on both ends of the ice? Will Clifford drop them with TooToo? Will Bernier shine brighter than hatchback? Will we win so I can forget about Thursday?

I think we will and I do know this. If the Kings lose tonight, God help the first bastard I see wearing a cowboy hat or humming a Garth Brooks tune.


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  1. These are conference points that we cannot afford to let slip away like we did in St. Louis, and I understand that was the substance of the team meeting this morning. This is a must win for Bernier, or the only ice he will see for a long, long time, will be floating in whatever he is drinking. They certainly cannot continue to give up the shot totals and goals that they have been giving up lately, and that won’t be easy to contain without Mitchell and Greene, if he doesn’t play.
    I think that the line swap, between Clifford and Poni, is as much about Clifford’s solid effort, as it is about Poni being in Murray’s kennel club. Murray has been public with his disappointment in Ponikarovsky’s play, so hopefully the line demotion kicks him in the ass a little and gets him going. He’s only got one place to go from the 4th line if his play doesn’t improve, and that’s the press box as a healthy scratch.

    The Kings have to win this game tonight! They just have to!

    GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anger management is overrated, but just in case, don’t carry a gun in your car when your driving on the freeway. LOL

  3. Great post Scribe. I think the Preds match up performance-wise with the Kings, it’s the toughness that will be tested again tonight. If I remember correctly the last time these two met it was an alley brawl and the Kings went into it shy. Let’s hope tonight that the Kings are as spirited as you are and control the ice and the tempo.

    Not a big fan of Bernier lately – he hasn’t been impressive. If he doesn’t get that perpetually ‘astonished’ look off of his face I’m going to tweet Hatchback and see if I can instigate a four knuckle dance between the two of them…

    Damn – I am feeling a little chippy tonight…is that the Christmas spirit I’m seeing? Ha!

  4. Looks like they succeded…


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