The Kings played well enough to win.

Toews had a lucky bounce.  Simmonds had a lucky bounce.

Kings got hosed on some calls by the refs.  So did Chicago.

Only one number from this game matters to me; 2.  That’s how many shots on goal were taken by Kopitar.  Kopitar drives the net in this game and we win it.

That about sums this one up as far as I’m concerned.

To end on a positive, Kyle Clifford rules.  Awesome power move on his goal.  Soon enough the rest of the team will catch on that Clifford either throws the puck to the net or takes it there himself every chance he gets.  Bust out a pad and paper Kopitar and take some notes.

Lineup card has been updated.  Expect Bobby to update the goalie tracker later today.

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  1. This is a game they coulda won…


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