I’ve admittedly been a little out of the loop lately.

I’ve had to speed through recordings of the last three games.  I’ve barely been able to write a quick thought on the games, and my reading time has been drastically cut with what has become a much more busy than usual holiday season.  So if my somewhat hostile query is moot, yell at me and then forgive me.

What the hell is going on with Matt Greene?

We can pretty much assume he is sitting around Los Angeles, head still spinning from what is most likely a concussion he suffered when hit hard by Niklas Kronwall a week ago against the Detroit Red Wings.

The last word I can find is from Hammond on the 17th, 5 days ago, before the game against St. Louis where Greene flew back to LA to get evaluated by our team doctors.  Since then… nothing.  Did the doctors not have an evaluation?  Is PCS a big secret now, or is something else going on?  The Kings have played remarkably well without Greene and Willie Mitchell, but these guys are needed back on the blueline, crushing forwards and dislodging kidneys.

Mitchell is apparently two weeks ago, according to Murray a few days ago.  Not as much information as I would have liked, but its something.

I don’t think its too much to ask to get a time table for Greene’s return.

I’m hoping I just missed something along the way while I was out shopping for a family far too large and preparing a shoot that was far too wet.

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  1. Yeah what is happening with Greene and Mitchell? Would like to know.

    for the unintiated, PCS= “Post Concussion Symdrome”

  2. I posed the question on Hammond’s site and got this response:


    From Dec 19: “Matt Greene, who has been out since Monday after taking a hit to the head in a collision with Detroit’s Nicklas Kronwall, will be out at least a week, Murray said. Greene is back in Los Angeles.”


    From Dec 19: “Murray also estimated that Willie Mitchell, whose status was initially announced as week-to-week, might be out for two weeks.”

  3. Matt Greene is back on the ice for practice this morning, participating in regular drills, so we’ll see after practice what his availability is for tomorrow’s game. Otherwise, all else is normal…


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