This isn’t your father’s L.A. Kings. We’re young, tough, mean and can kick you in the teeth. It’s all about the Cup.

This isn’t your daddy’s Oilers either. They aren’t the 80′s version of dominating superstars, elite at every position and winning one Cup after another.

Tonight, two teams who have seen a very real reversal of fortunes compared to who they were decades ago face off at Staples Center. I will be there in section 119, as vocal as my lungs will permit with contempt for anything that wears enemy colors or dares to applaud their play. Surly will actually be in one of the PR seats…go figure…it is a bit like putting a tornado in the living room. I give it one period before he is ejected.

The Oilers bring untempered youth, speed and holes of the New Jersey Devils’ variety on defense. For our boys, I just want a simple game, our game, the one with perpetual possession and control of the puck until Edmonton opens up some nice lanes to expose. The powerplay especially should shine tonight. Marco Sturm can also look at this game as an opportunity to test his legs and get involved in the offensive zone.

The Kings will not take the Oilers lightly. We have matured far too much for that.

Bring the noise to Staples! GO KINGS!