Last night’s game symbolized two familiar expressions: (1) Never take an opponent lightly, and (2) the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Edmonton Oilers deserve a lot of credit for playing their hearts out. They earned this writer’s respect. The Kings continued to show maturity compared to last season by not taking the NHL Standings Challenged Oilers for granted. Our boys were at times their own worse enemy – the passing was erratic through the neutral zone and in the Oilers’ offensive zone. They again paused too long before taking the shot, especially Doughty and Kopitar. Not to pick on Drew, but we are going to pick on Drew, his defensive decisions caused me to question if his head was into this game. Low percentage checking attempts and caught chasing the puck verses taking the man were frustrating to watch. But as a team, L.A. never paused, never sacrificed effort and kept pushing the puck forward which finally caused them to dominate parts of the second and most of the third period. On another positive note, Justin Williams, Wayne Simmonds, and Jack Johnson had excellent games. Jack’s goal that tied the score 2-2 was vintage mother f’ing Johnson – a greasy wrist shot without hesitation off the pass.

Quick could have played better during the game. That first goal was questionable. He was, as usual, lights out in the shootout, the sixth consecutive for the Kings against the Oil.

Devan Dubnyk, a cool goalie name, made some huge spots. This game got to overtime in large part due to him. Dubnyk made several key saves on shots down low.

So, who’s next, you ask? The vile refuse with delusions of adequacy. Oh, how I loathe thee…shall I count them in goals that go by thee, the red light that shines on thy fraud as I cheer your Quick demise and ever biting death.