‘Tis being the season, I entered Staples Center with a few presents…

Wayne Simmonds’ Revenge

Lupul & Getzlaf’s Secret

The Real Corey Perry

These gifts were of the 8 and 1/2 by 11″ variety, approximately 80 in all. They were distributed to Kings’ fans, Ducks’ fans (mostly to aggravate them) and the first few rows of section 119 to display proudly for the cameras. Surly took about 20 or so for his own section. Why did we go through this much time and trouble? Because we care and that fat jolly Santa Clause has nothing on Surly & I.

You know who else cares? Our boys clad in black. They cared enough to finish off the Christmas weekend with a trouncing of everything Anaheim. If you haven’t tasted fried Duck marinated with a hockey stick up its arse, well then you are letting some of the best things in life pass you by.

The first period saw the teams exchange chances though by the Kings’ second shot on net, Hiller looked shaky and controlled rebounds like the back side of a racquetball court. The flood gates opened in the second frame with goals from Simmonds, Kopitar, Williams and Brown, each of whom have been in fuego the past 5 to 10 games. The second and fourth goals were off juicy rebounds by Hiller who played like what he needed most for Christmas was an enema. Simmonds also obliged Pink with a dose of pugilism…my first instinct was of course, “holy crap, Wayne reads the site…” Those hopes were crushed when I read Pink actually asked Wayne to fight, which makes perfect sense if you think about it considering Pink’s only contribution to the game up to that point and thereafter was spreading ugly like holiday cheer. As for Kyle Clifford, my love for him cannot be summarized here. I feel the poet within me longing for something more…

Jonathan Bernier, a few rebound issues of his own aside, played solid. Jonathan has his defense to thank as, to a man, the dirty half dozen wouldn’t let any of those rebounds find the net.

Most of all, this game epitomized a simple concept that is fast becoming the key to the Kings’ season. Depth. Anaheim had one line upon which they could rely. We had four. We rolled four and for that, the Ducks had no answer. For all the talk about needing that top 3 winger, take a look at our bottom six. As currently assembled, it is the best in the west…perhaps the league.

I have nothing but love for all of you. Those who were at Staples tonight were hostile, ornery and ready to release the lungs in support of our Kings. Now scream it for me one more time.


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  1. I absolutely loved it when Wayne and Pink threw down! I ran into Pink, Lupul, and Getlaf at dinner last week and told Pink that he still owes me a bobblehead! I was glad to see Wayne whoop his ass tonight after the blatant disrespect that Pink showed on Halloween.

    Go Kings Go!

  2. What a great game, first period aside, of course. Bernier is shaping up to be a great goalie.

    I don’t know how much you and Surly frequent Let’, but there’s someone who does a thread with things from the forum of the team we’re playing for every game. After the Simmy-Pink fight, one of the Sucks fans mentioned your article about Halloween: about halfway down the third period section.


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