Who is the Duck Hunter? No, it’s not either of my Labradors, though both have been known to partake of ducks that find their way into my backyard. The Duck Hunter (aka duckhunter) to whom I refer is a Kings’ fan of the exponentially loyal variety, smart, funny and an all around cool guy…his trademark for years during Kings v. Ducks games is the camouflage pants, an orange hunting vest and a Duck on the noose. Imagine my surprise when lo and behold I see tonight none other than our very own Bailey dressed up in identical gear right down to the dead duck and rope.

I love Bailey, everything about him and I could not think of a better compliment to our fellow fan and reader of this site than the Kings’ mascot taking a page from his book. You are a legend, Ryan. We love you man.

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  1. Uh, oh, boys, I’m not the same person that cheers at the games. I’ve used Duckhunter for years for all my fantasy teams as well as on Pokerstars and all other other sporting event….it’s just easier that way. So I’ll change to Kingnation13 to avoid any confusion.

  2. Wow thank you very much for those awesome words. I’ll keep doing it as long as the Kings fans will have me.


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