So, we generally find numerous blogs the day after a game and bring you the opposing blogging views of the match. We tried to find this for the Ducks and found exactly one independent blog (not associated with major media like the OC Register, Yahoo, etc. that all teams have) that had written an article about the game as of the date and time I posted this article. We did find another by the sbnation blog but all it did was copy the Sports Network article. Surly and I respect bloggers from every team for the time and commitment they show (nothing contained herein is intended to waive our right to give you crap with or without good cause) so if any of you know of other Ducks’ blogs that actually keep their sites updated, let us know. We will be sure to include you in the future. As for now, here is the sole Ducks’ blogger…loser…

Santa apparently left some residual coal in the Ducks stockings as Anaheim lost 4-1 to the Kings on the day after Christmas.   Ho ho ho, bah humbug!

With four days off after a 5-2 loss in Buffalo, the Ducks looked rusty instead of tired.  No practices were held during that time off, and it showed.  As well as a six-course dinner that Bobby Ryan confessed to devouring on his Twitter account and must have still been digesting because he was virtually non-existent in the game, garnering only one shot on goal.

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  1. There’s something very satisfying in reading the desperation and futility there. Since they extended the coach’s contract, our feathery neighbors are going to get blown up and begin rebuilding during the offseason….not that it’ll do them much good.


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