Sometimes, stats tell a lot of the story…


34 GP 35
21 W 19
12 L 11
1 OT 5
43 P 43
0.632 P% 0.614
2.88 G/G 2.97
2.29 GA/G 2.71
17.2 PP% 22.8
85.7 PK% 82.0
28.9 S/G 34.1
28.0 SA/G 28.1
50.2 FO% 53.6


Both teams are 7-2-1 in their last 10.

Two things statistics can’t measure are heart and will. There are many who will expect a let down tonight after barely breaking a sweat last night against the Ducks. Not I. The fact the Kings were able to roll 4 lines verses Anaheim and go in with a fresh Jonathan Quick eliminates excuses. The fact the Sharks beat us 6-3 the last time we played on November 15 should provide plenty of additional motivation to go in and kick around the fish. Sturm’s addition to the first line will give us the added speed we have missed there all year (and going into last season). Don’t be surprised if Marco pots a goal tonight. The same four line roll that produced a consistent attack and a team defense is the recipe for a victory and taking second place in the Pacific. I like my shark pepper crusted and brushed with extra virgin olive oil. Dinner awaits.

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