Those screams of joy and millions of PSST sounds of Molson beer cans being opened across Alberta stem from the resignation just before the imminent firing of Flames’ general manager, Darryl Sutter. Assistant GM, Jay Feaster (of the Lightning Cup run fame) takes over the helm. His first duty? Probably the firing of Brent Sutter as head coach. What does this mean for the Kings? Probably nothing. The Flames will likely win a surge of games or lose a surge of games – that is what typically happens when there is a change of this caliber at the management or coaching level. Most interesting will be the fate of Jarome Iginla. The Flames are right at the salary cap ceiling and have exactly suck to show for it. Is it finally time for a wholesale rebuild? Personally, I hope they suck for a while. The West is competitive enough.


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