Murray is putting this 6-3 loss in the trash can.

So am I.

You want analysis? Ok. Everyone sucked. Everyone needs to be better. Good news is, I got my rage back.

Hit the delete button Kings’ fans. Bring the noise to Staples tomorrow night. LET’S GO KINGS!

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  1. Yes it did suck. Not entirely a stinker, but close to it. But still a loss if you lose 2-1 vs. 6-3, and best to move on quickly. After playing so great for quite a while, a loss was sort of due.

    Hockey is a game of rhythm, and hopefully this will not be the beginning of a lull. Real test will be how they perform tomorrow night after such a shitty outing tonight…

  2. no fooling!! what a nightmare.. who were those guys???
    I am now in a funk.. can’t get anything done..
    Monday night I could not stop smiling.. WTF
    we are the definition of Bi-Polar..

  3. Ya i turned on the game just as the dogs scored the 5th goal…Turned it off 5 min later…

  4. I can live with This crappy loss only because Shane Diane didn’t get his first career hat trick.

  5. Stinker!!!

    Has anyone noticed when we play teams that play a similar style to our own, we have problems. Teams with speed that pressure the puck give us fits. We seem to loose structure and unity. It’s been a pretty consistant problem for some time now. Hopefully we can improve just a bit.

    We sure were playing good hockey before tonight. Tough game tomorrow. Let’s get this one back boys.

  6. Kingnation13.. yes I have noticed the speed teams are the biggest problem teams for us..
    Where does our forecheck go??
    And how about that damn Shane Doan.. everytime we play those Coyots he scores a goal..
    I heard Boby say something on his stats but not the percentage. is has to be Super high..
    I would like to see all players who have scored against us lifetime.. and bet he has to be at or
    near top! It is uncanny…I was hoping after the first early one of his.. I could put that thought out of my head.. ‘ok he got his goal.. done’.. but noooo.. then had to worry about hat trick..
    yea the way we played I would not have been surprised but Please..not his first career one!!
    Do not want that statistic in our files..

    Hoping the REAL Kings play tonight.. hurry hurry Willie.. I miss you.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Kingnation13.. yes I have noticed whenever we play a speed team..
    where does our forecheck go???
    And that Shane Doan.. he really has the Kings as his scoring target.. Bob mentioned the stat of how many points and goals against us.. but I wonder what the percentage is? And I wonder if
    the looked at all the players and goals that have been scored against us lifetime where Doan would be on the list.. I bet at or right near the Top!
    I hope the REAL Kings are here to play tonight
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. Oh brother double post.. first one did not show going through..
    time for more coffee :-)


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