If the Kings were a 16 year old teenager tonight, they would be cutting themselves and investing in goth makeup. I don’t know what the hell our boys thought they were doing out there but if it was hockey, then the entire defense needs to get off the football and stop acting like monkeys.

Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson were shades of bad I have not seen in quite some time. Jack put on a clinic on how not to defend against a 2 on 1 and how to make the wrong play every time with a puck on his stick.

I am happy Ryan Smyth got two goals, but that barely makes up for his turnovers. Justin Williams, who typically punishes the opposing team when they turn the puck over, was in a giving mood.

Davis Drewiske had his worst game as a King…and that was after he just finished having his worst game the night before. I haven’t seen defensive coverage and decisions like that since Randy Jones.

Jonathan Bernier showed why he is a rookie. He also didn’t make a single big save. It is now imminently the end of 2010 and I can now say each of you who thought Bernier would be taking Quick’s job by this time can endure Surly and I pointing and laughing in your direction…with love of course.

So, did we win a faceoff tonight? I am serious. I would like to know.

Marco Sturm looked slow and out of sync. The first line was a mess.

Wayne Simmonds had a good game.

Carcillo is a grade A weenie. He avoided Westgarth all game, didn’t want to go, did everything but cry and then after Kevin received a 10 minute misconduct and Clifford followed (more on this weirdness, below) Carcillo went after Simmonds…by yapping at him. I know Daniel Carcillo has tried to turn a new leaf and become a smarter player. I didn’t know he turned in his stones as part of the new him.

I will refrain saying anything negative about Leighton. He and Flyers’ fan probably know how awful he looked tonight. It makes losing that much more aggravating.

There is a reason Stephane Auger has the reputation in the league as someone who tries to take over games with his calls and frequently makes bizarre calls that only he can understand. Let me share with you one hilarious post by a member of hockey’s future (hf) boards about Auger and tonight’s game. It sums it up quite nicely and with the funny edge we like around here:

Eff the loss, I’m more pissed about the officiating.

Worst display of Bettman hockey I have ever seen live. I still can’t ****ing believe it and feel I’m owed a refund for tonight since the refs decided to be the game instead of the players.

I’ve never ****ing seen two misconducts handed out without a minor penalty and for basically nothing. Unbelievable. Then you have Williams and some Flyer crossing sticks after the misconducts and it’s nothing, even though it was more or on par with what the tough guys did.

Then Carcillo gets 2 minutes at the 20 minute mark while he did much more than Clifford or Westgarth. Why not a misconduct too? Oh, because the game was over so it doesn’t matter.

****ing ********. I’ve never been so pissed at the NHL. That was clown shoes. The second there was some emotion in the 2nd period, the refs called anything they possibly could to take the emotion out of the game. Yeah…the paying crowd wants to watch ****ing special teams for 20 straight minutes.

A total embarrassment. Those refs should be suspended. You can’t just pass out misconducts because you are afraid someone may get into a fight. What a ****ing disgrace. This game is turning into the ****ing NBA and Bettman would like nothing more than for that to happen. lhfbhlbfejbsgj;klhbk;nb

As for the game, Flyers put shots right under the crossbar, Kings shoot into Leighton’s leg pad. Flyers didn’t play awesome, but they buried their chances high while the Kings continue to shoot for a rebound or deflection.

When I take tomorrow off for a Flyers game the night before, I expect to see some action. If I want the SEL, I’ll ****ing pay for an internet feed and get off on some Frolunda action. Let’s just get rid of the first 5 rows around the ice, expand it, and then marvel at 5 consecutive passes in a row. “Oh Hans, what magnificent passing by the yellow squad. They are so polite!”

Am I drunk? Sure. Will I stand by this post tomorrow? Bet your ass. Why? Because I’m right.

Who asks questions and then answers them themselves? Drunk, correct *******s like myself.

I just got an email from Stephane Auger. He is calling a slashing penalty on me because I reminded him of his incompetence. He is giving Surly a 10 minute misconduct for cutting his hair.

Shall we end it on that note? Sure…if your team falls apart and kick its own ass in two games, we might as well have a sense of humor about it. I hope Terry Murray kicks the team in the rear end tomorrow in practice. The lesson can start with how to play defense. Davis, you’re first.

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  1. Auger…Auger…Auger??? Didn’t we have some fun with him in Ottawa? Outraged, again.

    We won something like 5 of the first 6 faceoffs — I was watching closely and thought it boded well. Guess I was wrong. (Actually 8 of 1st 10; and 54% for the night as a whole.) But we had our preferred center kicked out of zillion of them.

    Out hustled.

    Out paced.

    Out checked — fore and back.

    Why would you sit Poni when you need to have a big physical presence against a team like the Flyers? (Really, did you think Clifford was going to do enough fighting to make it worth it here?)

    What was with TM’s very slow substitutions — I don’t understand the gamesmanship or what he hoped to get from it.

    Break out passes were awful (soft, across the goal, to marked men…)

    What is going on with the goaltending rotation — I guess I understand putting JQ in to face a conference/division foe…but really the ‘Yotes? Rest him against a last place team, Get JB some time against the lackey teams. Give JB a few more starts; if he does not come about, offer him up as trade bait (with some picks) to get Parise.

    Don’t even get me started on my willingness to trade Doughty. Get off your damn laurels and skate you punk! Sure I love the offense, but we need 2 way efforts. Last 2 nights: he’s got 6 points but is -2…yes there have been 8 (of 14) goals scored when our Norris Trophy candidate was on the ice in 2 days. Seriously, play hard the full length of the ice and you’ll win the damn thing. But until then…I’d trade him straight up for Gregory Campbell just to get the officiating permanently biased in our favor.

    TM’s post game quotes (See Hammond’s Insider ) makes it sound like he’s going to skate ’em til they puke. After 4 games in 5 nights, that’s the sadism to go with the masochism cited in the title of your post. Thankfully, we do not face another 4 games in 5 nights situation for the remainder of the schedule. But, February sees a 10 game roadtrip; March 3 – 21 has them playing every other night (literally!) for 9 games. Get it together through this homestand and January or else it’s gonna be a battle to get the 8th seed.

    I will say that Kopi and Martinez seemed to be hustling. Martinez had a few mistakes but never gave up on plays. Kopi is never going to shoot as much as I’d like, but I can live with that if he can rack up 50-60 assists.

    I see that the 3rd line were all -3. Really, Poni instead of Westgarth might have been worth considering. We don’t need too much protection,

    Someone explain to me why Brown is Captain. Is it all in the locker room — I don’t see it otherwise.

    Ok, I can’t rant any longer….I’m putting this behind me. I hope.

    Damn, Auger just gave me a 10 minute misconduct for excessive hope. Double damn, he just upped it to a game misconduct for whinging. (See, if we had Greg Campbell, that wouldn’t happen!)


  2. This game was another piece of shit.

    I am ambivalent about buying tickets for the San Jose game. They’ll be coming in pissed off.
    The Kings seem such a mess right now going to take a while to regroup.

    I don’t know what else to say…

  3. That game was a mesmerizing ballet of passionless ignorance.

  4. King’s might…?..have been back-doored more times in the last 2 games, than Corey Perry at a Philadelphia bath house.


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