I have tasted this meal before. Predictable offensive zone entries, complete lack of creativity with the puck, failure to get the puck to the hashmarks or above, shots sailing over the net or wide, horrendous spacing between the forwards and defensemen on the breakouts, mind numbing turnovers and mental errors at our own blue line all with a demi glaze of average goaltending.

Yup. I have gotten this several games now when I have ordered Los Angeles Kings hockey. I am starting to think the owner doesn’t want me here…and the 18,000 brothers and sisters that I bring each night.

You can’t break down a game like this, not when the entire offensive and defensive system is fractured. Humpty Dumpty is more bloody than Boullion and the broth spewing from his face after the Wayne Simmonds fight. This is a bigger mess than one bad and a second comical goal given up by Jonathan Bernier. It’s uglier than watching Drew Doughty looking for a puck in the stands while the play is still going on beside him. It’s more head shaking than trying to watch Drewiske play defense. It’s more scream worthy than seeing shot after shot sail high or wide.

Five consecutive losses. This keeps up boys and girls, and you will see one of two things. Wanna guess what they are?

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  1. One of two things? A gun in my mouth can count as one?

    What a piece of shit this game was. They don’t seem embarassed either.

  2. I guess we’ll see 2 things:

    – Kings will miss the playoff
    – Murray gets fired (allelujah)

    Also possible (at the end of the season):
    – Lombardi gets fired

    • I don’t see Lombardi taking any sort of hit for this year. Look at the talent he’s pulled together and has in the pipeline. The WJC showed its strength: Schenn, Kitsyn, and to a lesser extent Forbort. Then look at Manchester and things look good (Loktionov, Moller, et al).

      TM, #8, and Bernier have been the truly sore points for me this stretch. One can be fired, another traded for good value (“For Sale — 1, slightly used Norris Trophy Finalist. Price: Top 6 LW, OBO”) and one might get some value for a team that needs a young –everyday– goalie to build around (“Directory assistance, can you get me Garth Snow’s number?”); he’s not mentally suited as a backup and that’s a problem.

      42 games left. Find a rhythm in 12-15 or start the process over with some new pieces.

  3. Spot on again, Scribe. Us bothers and sisters weep with you.

    I just ranted about the coach on the other thread but the players have to take responsibility as well. Spacing, shitty passing, turnovers and shots constantly high and/or wide is not coaching. Boys, pull your heads out and start executing like professionals. Do your job and all will be fine. We know you can do it, we’ve seen it. Let’s stop this bleeding now. It’s time to take accountability and make a stand. The failure will end here. Next step, success.

  4. “It’s uglier than watching Drew Doughty looking for a puck in the stands while the play is still going on beside him.”

    Those of you on the bench side of the ice missed the truly comical look of complete and utter bewilderment on #8’s face as that happened. From the aisle between sections 110 and 109 it was stunning and priceless.

    Slack jawed and glassy eyed…

  5. Such a depressing game..I did not leave my seat the whole time..usually I have to run around to expelled my pent up energy between periods. We just sat there going ” what the hell
    Baileys hanging out with us most of the third period was our little but of joviality.

  6. Doughts play is making me really sad, but NO way do I want him traded!
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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