Terry Murray is a brilliant strategist. If his simple approach to hockey and fixing what ails the team could be applied to your personal life and that of this country and the world, we would wake up each morning and rest our heads each night in utopia. Consider this…

Wife got you down? Your kid a pain in the ass? Switch out the wife for her sister and the kid for a niece or nephew. Boom. Excitement back in the bedroom with a new child and a fresh start.

Economy is going to crap? Put Obama in the vice president role, move Boehner to Commander in Chief (President Boehner…heh), Harry Reid takes the house speaker position and the federal government is a smooth running machine.

World politics has you concerned? Take a few billion Chinese, move them to Great Britain, take the British and dump them off in China. You have a few billion new allies while eliminating just as many communists. Piece of cake.

Team loses 4 in a row? Now 5? Keep shuffling those lines Terry. The defensive coverage, lack of team defense, turnovers at our blue line, nonexistent neutral zone speed, predictable cycling offense that only starts after the puck is stopped and complete failure to adjust while your “system” mandates the exact same conservative game with an F3 staying back, the forwards cycling endlessly and then throwing away the puck when all the point pass options are covered, whether we are up by 2 goals or down by 2, isn’t the problem. It’s all about finding those magical line combinations. Keep it up, coach. Pretty soon, Dean Lombardi may do some shuffling of his own.

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  1. Like it…would LOVE it if it weren’t so sad! Let’s move the D’s to F’s and Bernier and Quick on point for PP. Bailey in goal will bring us out of this slump!

  2. Yes, Bailey in goal would be better than Bernier at this point. Trade Bernier!

    I wish HBO were doing a 24/7 on the Kings. Would love to see what gets said in that dressing room.

  3. Hahaha. Well, Scribe, I’d say you summed it up quite nicely.

    I come from a players point of view and very rarely blame coaching for lack of success. However, in this case, I feel TM has “peaked.” I feel as I’ve stated before, TM has done an outstanding job teaching the boys how to play the “right way” and “heavy.” Unfortunately that’s competition 101 and everyone tries to play the “right way.” TM seems to not understand that competition 102 is realizing “101” doesn’t always work and adjustments(102) must be made. Apply your examples from above here. Another example of complete failure to adjust(for which I had been screaming for almost a year) is/was having Kopitar(our most potentially skilled player) plant his ass on the boards during the PP and do absolutely nothing. They have changed tactics as of late but it took almost a year to do so, unacceptable. I get fundamentals are the foundation of success but there are steps and details that follow for further growth and I haven’t seen anything from TM that convinces me he understands that.

    TM reminds me of a football coach who is determined to run the ball at all cost. If every man beats his man then success will come. Well sometimes not every player is capable of doing so, because, well, the other team has pro”s who are pretty damn good as well. So, what’s the logical thing to do? How about passing the ball TM. Adjust coach, that’s part of your job.

    By the way, our PP goal tonight was outstanding. Did you all see the movement and rotation and the passes to the middle of the ice behind their d-man who were pressuring the point men? First time I’ve seen that all year, See, TM, sometimes making “cute” passes pays off.

    Come on boys, we can do this. Focus and execute like you know how. We believe, gentlemen, we believe.

  4. This article. …its……its genius. Here I was thinking man all these fools are saying Murray is great and this and that. He’s a fuddy duddy pure and simple. No strategies, no vision, strange player happenings wtf? The players do play extremely hard but they probably would play harder for a coach with greater strenght and vision.


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