Upper body injury.

Lower body injury.


It used to be that such nonsense was limited to playoff games. Made sense then. You are in a series of games against the same team, the stakes are very high and most of the players are playing banged up or hurt so you don’t want the other team taking advantage of it. But why do it during the regular season? Same reason?

Let’s follow this through.

Player X gets injured.

“It’s an ____ body injury.” Fill in the upper or lower.

Surly is frustrated.

I am down right pissed off.

Player X is out a certain number of games.

Days or weeks go by. Still nothing substantive. Same line from the coaching staff.

Shortly before his return, they reveal the injury. Case in point – Ponikarovsky. Here is Murray’s quote today regarding Poni:

MURRAY: “Not quite, but very close now. He had a great workout yesterday, off and on the ice, as Willie Mitchell did. He participated in the early part of the practice, so I think he’s starting to get the itch that he’s going to get back in here real soon. I think he’s feeling much more comfortable with the ankle. It’s almost day to day with him now.”

Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? Did I just read ankle? So, that was the big secret? And why the hell was it a secret when you are going to reveal it anyway or we are going to find out when he starts playing because someone will ask him during an interview? If you were trying to hide it from the opposing team, you just stepped on your sausage and fell flat on your melon because everybody now knows anyway. This happens every freaking time.

You see the logic? You don’t? That’s my point. There is no logic to this upper or lower body injury designation. Just tell us his damn injury. You are going to tell us or we are going to find out anyway and unless you are planning on warding off assassins or snipers during practice, hiding it is a means to no end…and about as dumb as randomly changing lines for no apparent reason…but I digress.