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  1. Someone should have let Murray know about the game tonight. 0-4 on the most important homestand of the season. Pathetic.

    Can’t wait for the same BS post game comments from Murray.

  2. The view from Section 110 was pretty gruesome…a slow motion train wreck that you could see coming from afar.

    I can’t wait to see if you caught all the combinations played for the lineup card. TM did not make it easy for you…

    With agita and angst,


    • My eyes were too glazed over to catch them all. I think many of them only lasted a single shift though (like Simmonds-Richardson-Brown) so I don’t count those, or the ones after special teams play.

  3. But even the D pairings were getting messy. It started JJ and #8 by the third it was Martinez with #8 ( who just looked lost.)

    I’m just learning to watch lines and matchups. This game made my head hurt. This’ll shows the shifts, but warning: it will make your eyes bleed for a normal game. http://timeonice.com/default.html?GameNumber=20603&submit=Go



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