I was down right shocked when I read that Willie Mitchell and Alexei Ponikarovsky will play in the game against the Blue Jackets Saturday night. Did we not learn that Ponikarovsky just started practicing in non contact drills with the team, that Willie Mitchell wasn’t even there yet and the latter wasn’t close? That was a rhetorical question.

At first, I was concerned. Very concerned that Willie is being rushed and whatever the bleep his lower body injury may be could be exacerbated. I then asked the question, “are the Kings’ coaches and management that reckless?” No. I don’t believe so nor do I believe they would put the team’s long-term interests with either / or of these players in jeopardy because they are panicking due to a five game losing streak.

Thus, color me excited. Willie is the glue to the Kings’ defense. Ponikarovsky is the catalyst to that third line…though of course, our mad scientist of a coach is putting Alexei on the first line. Sigh. Cross your fingers and all other protruding digits.


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  1. *If* Willie plays tomorrow…don’t be too surprised if he doesn’t. I think he’s pushing it too quickly. That’s my impression from practice at least.


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