Surly and I have conferred and we have come up with compelling reasons why Ilya Kovalchuk should wear the C for the New Jersey Devils now that Jamie Langenbrunner is a Dallas Star. We are preparing to send this to Lou Lamoriello at his email address of 

10. Captain starts with C. Cash starts with C

9. He has arguably led the Devils to their demise and, hey, that kind of leadership should be rewarded

8. Given his untradeable $100 million dollar contract, he will end up wearing the C longer than any other player

7. Now that he has his big contract, it’s no longer about the money. It’s about titles

6. Since he’s invisible the majority of nights, the C on his chest will make it easier for us to pick him out when we boo

5. It will give Surly and I 2011 material for at least 10 to 15 more articles

4. It will prove a nice distraction from our own 5 game losing streak

3. Greg Wyshynski’s head will explode…and as much as I love him, I want to see what that looks like

2. Ovechkin has a C…

…and the number 1 reason Ilya Kovalchuk should wear the C now that Jamie Langenbrunner is a Dallas Star!

1. It significantly increases the odds of Zach Parise leaving the armpit for L.A.’s buxom bosom.

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4 replies

  1. As usual I like them all, but #6 and #1 are especially good.

    • Shhh…I see NJ fans coming in and being a little perturbed over this. Just let them come in and leave. Don’t disturb them. They’re a little touchy right now. Shhhh…

  2. Was going to say I like #6..he was invisible when we beat those Devils..nut #1 is intriguing ..
    Markee player .like it!

  3. Good one! Somehow I can’t muster any sympathy for the Devils.


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