Jonathan Quick damn near cost the Kings two points. His rebound control and puck handling has been a consistent problem during this losing streak, the latter an achilles heel the entire season and last. Either Bill Ranford has to start addressing this ongoing issue with him or Quick’s inability to get the puck from point A to point B without fanning or fumbling it is going to cost us a goal in the playoffs when it matters the most.

On a positive note, the Kings won…phew…I tapped my heart a few times after this one.

On a just as positive second note, congratulations to Jack Johnson on his 7 year and over $30 million dollar contract. Surly and I knew about it early this morning but, alas, some things are better kept hush to avoid interfering with negotiations. The $4.3 million dollar cap hit is both manageable for the team and reasonable for this blue line talent who is only going to get better and has the upside of any elite offensive defenseman in the NHL. We’ll be talking more Jack tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the win Kings’ fans. Let’s get 3 more this homestand and skate past Dallas in the month of January, with an elbow to their nose on the way by.