Jonathan Quick damn near cost the Kings two points. His rebound control and puck handling has been a consistent problem during this losing streak, the latter an achilles heel the entire season and last. Either Bill Ranford has to start addressing this ongoing issue with him or Quick’s inability to get the puck from point A to point B without fanning or fumbling it is going to cost us a goal in the playoffs when it matters the most.

On a positive note, the Kings won…phew…I tapped my heart a few times after this one.

On a just as positive second note, congratulations to Jack Johnson on his 7 year and over $30 million dollar contract. Surly and I knew about it early this morning but, alas, some things are better kept hush to avoid interfering with negotiations. The $4.3 million dollar cap hit is both manageable for the team and reasonable for this blue line talent who is only going to get better and has the upside of any elite offensive defenseman in the NHL. We’ll be talking more Jack tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the win Kings’ fans. Let’s get 3 more this homestand and skate past Dallas in the month of January, with an elbow to their nose on the way by.


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  1. Yup that’s the good old Quick I remember so well just when I jumped on the band wagon too. Johnson deal is an absolute steal. Guy is finally starting to look like a franchise D man, great frigging break out pass to Williams. Kopitar taking enforcer duties to rescue the “captain” moment of the game.

  2. What? You didn’t feel the need to twitter the news about Jack’s extension? Also, can we not allow Quick to leave the ice until he figures out how to handle the puck?! He can start by learning how to know what it feels like when the stick is on the ice, and when it isn’t

    • The whole Puck handling issue is really just a problem with the guys focus on the game. He was playing so well this whole year I thought he’d turn into Ryan Miller but don’t think hell ever be an elite goalie just pretty good.

      • He can be an elite goalie. He has the skill set and the work ethic. He has one weakness that is consistent. Like anything else, it will take work to overcome it.

        • There is no doubt he has the skill set. He’s done some amazing thing this year but watching him for the past 3 years its like he’s playing pickup hockey like his mind isn’t intense enough. Kindof what I’m seeing with doughty too and its starting to get annoying.

          • He is too intense and that may be what you’re seeing. Quick is the type of goalie that never relaxes throughout a game and challenges every shot like it is the game winner. That is what gets him out of position, being too aggressive. It is also part of what causes his puck handling issues. A goalie’s most important asset is between their ears. Quick has that in spades. Once he gains more experience and maturity, he can bring what Hasek, Roy and Marty brought, aggressive and high end skilled goaltending but with a veteran’s patience.

          • I don’t know. You could be right I guess.I just don’t really believe it right now. I was seeing that intensity out of Bernier before that why I thought were better off with him but he’s giving up more rebounds than Kobe Bryant on one of his 7-30 shooting performances, dreadful.

          • let’s give it a few games and compare notes on the subject. Regarding this Kobe guy, I don’t like baseball.

  3. I chalk it all — the big start followed by a sense of distraction and the stumble — the whole thing was due to one thing. Just 1 simple thing…..

    Zues was clean shaven!

    It shocked them into action, then served as something to focus on other than the puck.



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