The Blue Jackets lost 6-0 last night to Anaheim. They are 1-8-2 on the road and 6-12-3 overall since November 24. Their highest paid defenseman, the 31 year old and very big 6’4″, 233 pound Mike Commodore, has lashed out against first year coach, Scott Arniel, for sitting him in numerous consecutive games. Commodore was waived, cleared waivers and hello re-entry waivers or an assignment to the minor league club. Who wants him for $3.5 million per season? Er…no.

I don’t call too many games a must win. This one is a must win.  The Kings better come out flying and never hit the ground. I want to see Blue Jacket blood on the ice, the back of their net screaming no mas and the top three stars all Kings as a result of a rout.

LET’S GO KINGS! clap clap clapclapclap

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  1. Murray is out of excuses now:

    Team isn’t tired
    Plenty of practice time this week
    Mitchell is back
    Poni is back
    CBJ played last night
    Kings did not play last night

    Win or else indeed…

  2. I’m not at all thrilled with the scratching of Richardson. TM, I’m afraid has lost his mind. Hope this works out for the best.

  3. Just squeeking by the Bluejackets? I’ll take it, but I won’t be too happy.

  4. Where did this begin,
    This struggle from within?

    Things came easy at first,
    How did we lose the thirst?

    All I know, is that the well has run dry,
    That the fire’s been missing when I look in your eye.

    The goal is the goal, we all know that,
    So reach in to your soul, and you may find the hat.

    You need to do this for me, I want to do this for you,
    And if you be there for me, I think you know what we’ll do.

  5. I love how the superstar center had to go rescue our precious captain what a joke. Quick looking like the old Quick I was starting to become a fan too. Hahaha

  6. Because of the waiver situation, Commodore can be had for 1/2 price — the BJs would have to pick up the other half for the duration of his contract. So, we could get him for $1.834MM per year. That’s Scuderi/Mitchell type money.

    I haven’t seen enough of his play to assess the value there. But at 31 he’s probably got a few years left in him.


  7. I am ok with Commodore coming to Staples, if he is serving Surly and I beer but that is about it. He is a depth defenseman, at best, a number 6 or 7 guy.


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