7 years.

Cap hit of $4.3 million per season.

Jack will earn $3.5 million for the first three years commencing the 2011-2012 season and $5 million in the final four.

I am Jack’s heavy wallet.

Jack Johnson has committed to staying a King for the remainder of his 20′s. He has made this writer happier than a perpetual elbow to Corey Perry’s face. He entered the league in the 2008-2009 season with a wake of hype and lofty expectations. While injuries slowed his progress, the unmistakable fidelity to work ethic and fitness has made him a favorite among Kings’ fans. Other than Jonathan Quick, there is no better athlete on this team and, like all great soldiers of sport, Jack has recognized at an early age how hard you work off the ice is directly proportional to your success on the ice as well as the ability to avoid further injuries which stifle physical and psychological growth.

I am Jack’s eight percent body fat.

Skating. Natural. Effortless. He glides without unnecessary up and down motion. Jack possesses a strong first step and a mid to high range that mirrors most great defensemen. The strong legs and fitness level allow him to skate just as hard and fast in the first minute as the final in the game.

I am Jack’s fluid stride.

His offensive game has shined the field of brilliant to good. Jack’s maturing process will serve him well. I look for him to become more confident with the puck and lose the hesitation that sometimes creeps into his game. His shot is an acme rocket on a rope. Hard. Accurate. This season, more than last, I have witnessed his ability to control the slap shot and keep it low to allow rebounds while, when necessary, pick a corner. At 23, there are few defensemen I would put ahead of him in pure shooting prowess. He has always had a wicked wrist shot and been a good passer. On the latter, Jack has learned to control its velocity, especially cross ice in the offensive zone and on breakouts. The one area of improvement which only comes with time and experience is finding lanes though eliminating the hesitation of which we write will help.

I am Jack’s future Norris.

Defense has at times been Jack’s achilles heel. His pairing with Drew Doughty has seen mixed fortune due to their similar puck carrying game and offensive instincts. Jack has been at his best defensively when paired with a defensive defenseman, be it Scuderi or Mitchell. In the first dozen starts, we saw him play 25 + minutes per game and rarely waver from smart decisions and strong play on both ends of the ice. Since then, Jack has seen ups and downs. He is not nor should we expect him to be a shut down defenseman. We have three of those. Jack is at his best in his young years when he has the freedom to skate, rush the puck up the ice and move it to the forwards before he joins the attack. On defense, his size and strength allow him to punish opposing centers and wingers, keep the play to the outside and retrieve the puck for the critical transition game that all elite teams possess.

I am Jack’s complete game.

If there were any questions concerning his desire to build his legacy and win championships as a Los Angeles King, the contract terms should certainly put that to an eternal rest.

I am Jack’s Kings’ tattoo.

I want to see Jack Johnson lift the Cup over his head, smirk and all, as a proud member of our Kings. Nothing less is acceptable for him or us as fans. Next time his name is announced at the starting lineup, cheer louder than you have before. Show him the respect he has demonstrated to our team and us as fans by committing to staying and winning here.

I am a Jack Johnson fan.