In case you were wondering, the cesspool is where the bottom feeders dwell, those who prey on the other weaklings of their world and occasionally get to gnarl on the remains of a once great titan whose pride caused a momentary struggle in the depths.  The cesspool this year is made up of six areas, circulating precariously around the darkest of the muck, New Jersey.  These other 5 places are, Edmonton, Florida, Ottawa, Long Island and tonight’s ebb into Los Angeles, Toronto.

The black hole is where I sit now.  LA, city of hope, city of dreams, where prostitution is illegal but a prerequisite.  Allegory aside, in hockey terms, the black hold consists of those teams who teeter on the edge between locks for the playoffs and locks for missing the playoffs.  This is particularly true in the tightly compacted (just like a black hole… get it) Western Conference.

So what happens when a cesspool meets a black hole?  Ideally, scientifically, spiritually… the cesspool is absorbed quickly and then forgotten.  However science, spirituality and idealism don’t count for everything, and the Kings must not count on an easy win against the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are on a two game winning streak that has seen their offensive output explode from nothing to huge in a short span of time.

Luckily… in a weird sense, the Kings are currently in no position to take any game lightly, no matter the opponent or their occupation of pool or hole.  After a precarious win against the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Kings, skating with the same lineup tonight, must continue to push through a slump that has not completely ended just yet.  A win tonight will be a big step towards turning around the month of January.  They still have the opportunity to come out of this home stand with a .500 record if they can manage a win tonight, Thursday and Saturday.

One step at a time.

One check at a time.

One save at a time.

One goal at a time.

One fan hopes to have a good time.

Having missed the win against Columbus after attending the previous four miserable losses, if I don’t get to walk out of Staples with my head held high tonight, I might find myself in a cesspool wrung out by my own hands.

On a meaningless but fun note, tonight is the first night of the rest of Johnson’s 20s as a Los Angeles King.

Always and forever,


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  1. I’ll be there tonight as well (wearing an Ivanans sweater so pretty easily identified…) and I desperately want to bring (and throw) waffles. But, alas, I’m smart enough that I won’t.

    What can we do to propagate the waffle motif in order to get the cesspool off their game?


    • lol. Thanks. How did I miss this? Waffles…. weird.

      If we throw waffles, there better be Roscoe’s fried chicken accompanying them.

      • Ain’t no way a Leafs fan is gonna understand that, eh? I mean waffles and chicken makes about as much sense as fries+cheese curd+gravy if you’re not in the know, eh?

        I realllllly want to do something waffle themed but I fear too few folks would get the joke. And, I’m not smart enough to come up with anything clever. Sigh.

  2. After reading this I think I became a little dumber.
    Final score 2-1 Kings
    Three stars: Simmonds Reimer Mitchell

  3. Too damn many Leafs’ sweaters here tonight. :(


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