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  1. Maybe at the Figueroa enteance..
    Sponsorship ..it is the American way :)
    Are they giving away any bacon?
    GO KNGS GO!!!

  2. I don’t know I kinda like it

  3. I have to say, our anthem isn’t the greatest. When I hear O Canada or Advance Australia Fair I get a bit jealous. But then I’m thankful we don’t have some truly vile crap like La Marseillaise.

    • I will say, I don’t hear the Canadian anthem butchered often. People always sing it with passion.

      Our anthem on the other hand… these silly fools at Staples center think its their chance to show off, and instead of singing it with passion they sing it with hubris. Our anthem can be the best when it is sung with passion, because there is such opportunity to make it a song from the soul.


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