Remember what I said about the Kings playing two more periods like the first?  Well… that didn’t happen.

Leafs scored two quick goals to start. One courtesy of a snipe some Guy named Bryce will likely never duplicate. The other a result of Doughty deciding that open ice was more important to cover than Phil Kessel on the doorstep of Quick’s net.

Fret not, the Kings slowly battled back to a respectable game after a panicky 10 minutes. The turn in momentum due in large part to another power move to the front of the Leaf’s net by Simmonds. After the surge, the Kings capitalized to tie the game off a Zuuuuuuuuus! deflection from a centering pass by a pinching Martinez.

All in all a fun, albeit partially frustrating period ending 2-2 with the Kings controlling the last two minutes handedly.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have beers to expel.

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