The Kings, as a team, coaching staff and franchise have a choice to make. This is adversity. It’s pain. It’s pressure. There are only two things that happen under pressure. You focus or you fold. Winners focus. Everyone else folds.

The Kings are not a team. They are currently and have continued to be a group of individuals who look like they are still getting used to playing with each other. That falls squarely on Terry Murray’s shoulders. I don’t expect a coach to play the game for the players. I do expect a coach to bring a unity of vision, purpose and a clearly defined system that plays to the team’s strengths throughout the game. I see no such thing. I see a broken system that the players are apparently incapable of following for a full 60 minutes the moment adversity strikes or adjustments need to be made. Disregard the absurdly predictable offense and pre-lockout strategy. As much as it aggravates me to watch from section 119 and know exactly what the Kings are going to do with the puck 7 out of 10 times the moment they cross over center ice, the problem is this “system” has no adaptability. Today, while the Kings were amidst another cycle, I mouthed several times in the offensive zone where the puck was going before the pass was there. That’s frightening. Do you know why we are getting double teamed along the half boards and cannot find lanes from the point? Because the opposition knows too.

I see Dustin Brown playing like it’s his second year, as if going around and hitting people is the end game. I see Anze Kopitar look like a rookie, still afraid to shoot the puck and unwilling to use his God given skill to help this team. Justin Williams looks like he is on vacation. Michael Handzus is playing like he aged 3 years over the summer. I don’t recognize number 8. Whoever he is needs to give Drew Doughty his jersey back. I didn’t realize we drafted an above average defensemen who can log minutes but otherwise brings little to either end of the ice as the second overall behind Steven Stamkos who is lighting up the league. If he is closing too many Manhattan Beach bars after hours and can’t keep his focus, it is incumbent on the coach to tell Drew and the rest of the team that there is such a thing as accountability and it applies across the board.

The Kings are failing as a team because they are not playing as a team. They have little to no finish when they get opportunities. They are unable to hold a lead, one goal, two, doesn’t seem to matter. They range within a matter of one period to another from good to awful and most importantly they do this night in and night out. I expect turnovers here and there. Mistakes happen. But mistakes that happen constantly, each game, and generally from the same group are no longer mistakes. It’s incompetence.

I don’t have the solutions. Neither do you. We see with our eyes a team we don’t recognize. We don’t get paid to figure this out. Terry Murray does. John Steven does. Dean Lombardi does. Lombardi gets paid a nice seven figure salary per year to make sure the team on the ice gets better each season and within a reasonable time is competing for the Cup. Look around boys and girls. We’re still competing for a damn playoff spot.

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  1. The West is only getting stronger and time is quickly going away. Let’s say the Kings do make a coaching change (I think a coaching change isn’t the right move, but what do I know?)… who do you bring in?

  2. The one thing the Kings are consistent about is disapointing the fans. I no longer wait for the game thinking we’re gonna win, I now wait for the game hoping we don’t lose.

    I’m very, very disapointed.

  3. I don’t get many chances to see live games, but I was there last night, and being able to see the whole ice, and how plays were being set up just pissed me off even more. There was no fight to win. Just a lot of lackadaisical skating, no one won a face off, and every single time they shot the puck, they shot it right into a Maple Leafs player. It got to where I thought they were doing it on purpose!

  4. The 1st line “experiment” continues……What are we to do. We did our part and learned how to say Poni-Kar-rof-ski without it sounding alien or clumsy……Last night his name defined HIM.
    Turnoverthepuckski, Nolongeraleafski, Ijustcantkeepupski, 3million.2ski, whatlinedoIfitski, we had the warning signs when his inability to fit with Crosby, Malkin, or Staal left him on the bench for the playoff end. His presence on the 1st line has a smell that can only be described as a Dwight King Fart, coming out of Jamie Kompons Ass……..
    As for the rest of the offence, your observations reflect mine, if I can defend and predict this simplistic get it to the point system, that, the King’s have bought into for this season. We are and will be on the outside looking in come playoff time, blaming this guy or that guy, wanting this guy instead of that guy…….I Stamkos played a system where he ultimately had to work the puck to Randy Jones for a shot on goal, he’d have less than half his goal total, and be having a Doughty year.
    Mitchell 2 shots blocked point blank, turnover, wheew no goal
    Doughty 2 shot’s blocked point blank, turnover, wheew…no harm
    Scuds, Greene…..Please don’t shoot….then again why would we need them to???
    Johnson ….Just keep the puck in….ooops
    Martinez….move the puck down low, ( There’s a shocker) new angle on net…OMG, tip in GOAL.
    Martinez, back to the system, Shot blocked, turnover, shit…..Goal.

    We are trying to generate offence from our backend who have less than 10 goals combined, from the point……Martinez, Mitchell, Doughty & Johnson have scored at least 1 of their goals in close…..take away PP goals that allow for point shots…. and this ultimate Kompon system may have 1 or 2 goals for 1/2 the season so far…..In-KOMPON-ant..!!!!!!!!

    The firing should start there,.. Kompon out…….Any ex NHL forward that scored more than 2 goals in a season IN, Luc……how did you always get open…..Why is that such a hard thing for our forwards, for the most part when they get in the offensive zone….they start skating like you… maybe you can coach the offense, since our forwards tend to mimic your skating stride and style.

    Both Goals tonight were not scored due to Kompons system, Creativity was our savior.
    Simmonds probably got reamed for not setting up the point as usual, to me he looked like he said “F”-this and drove to the net
    Martinez gets demonized for the third goal, but without his creative instincts and deviation from the Kompon system, we don’t get the 2nd goal.
    Then it would be Doughty’s lack of focus, blamed for the Kessel goal.

    Fighting for a playoff spot, after the start we had, with the Doughty injury
    Take a deep breath………Thanks Guys

  5. It is hard to know if a coaching change is necessary to salvage the season. I have always felt that a lot of the credit for the Kings’ success over the last few years goes to TM. The season started out great and everything just fell apart.

    Did something happen in the locker room? Is showing up for games only perfunctory?

    How will these guys be able to pull it together? Don’t they hate losing? When their head hits the pillow at night, are they comfortable with themselves?

    Will canning the coach change their perspective? I don’t know…

  6. I TRULY believe there is a cancer in the locker room. For these guys to come out each and every damn game and play like rookies (I am talking to you Kopitar, Brown, Doughty, etc.) tells me something else is going on. They are not trying to win……you can tell. They are upset at something BEHIND THE SCENES. I hope they can rid the cancer soon before its too late.

  7. I think a major problem is the lack of creative possesion plays. The more the Kings struggle, the more they manage the puck. TM discourages anyone from creating up the middle. We’ve been burned by JJ, and DD making moves at the blueline, so no more making moves at the blue line. Just fire the puck, when there’s room to move up 15 more feet. Other than Simmers coming off the boards, taking it to the middle and scoring, I didn’t see much from anyone else taking it to the net with authority. Just endless cycles around the outside, with the occasional tip from a centerlane drive.

  8. what the kings should do is call all the wives and girlfriends of each single player and say no more pussy till you win some games. That aught do it. Also fucking bench some guys that are playing with no heart out there.

  9. If Pussy is the motivater than take them all to Mexico, and tell them more trips are planned if we make the playoffs. :)

  10. The Kings don’t need to go to Mexico for that. They just need to look into the mirror

  11. Plus even talking about pussy is funny.

  12. shut up all of you anyways I have figured it out. We need a player/coach and that persons name is Adam “friggin ” Deadmarsh. Bring him out of retirement and let these fools see how to play with heart and fire. Yup.

  13. Maybe it was old players.

  14. Oh wait maybe it was out of shape players. C’mon show some consistancy.

    • no I was the one complaining about dumb fools who are so damn pathetic they reply to their own post. Other than that the rest is made up by you.

  15. Actually kidrat I wasn’t responding to my posts. Each one was independant.

  16. I was able to follow this discussion better when it was about pussy. Now I am lost.



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