…Terry Murray.

At the end of a short discussion about Doughty being left off of the All-Star roster in which Murray basically said that its no big deal and that the team is happy with Doughty’s play, work ethic and focus (though he said “trying” to focus…. I’m going to stop myself from reading into that one), Murray concluded his little paragraph with this gem:

Next year will be another year for him.

Well maybe the preceding statement colors this statement to make it worth speaking.  You know, that nasty little thing we like to ignore, context.

You go through the (increased) attention of the opponent now. You’re being talked about in their presumes. You’re being checked closer. You’re being played, physically, harder and more often now. As a player, you’ve got to find a way to break through and get the same kind of results that you had in the past, through finding different ways. It’s a process that you have to learn. We’re not disappointed in him. We see the hard work that he’s putting in, and the effort that he’s trying to focus on, to get his game to be that kind of game that everybody wants him to have.

That didn’t help.

So Drew is having to adjust.  Teams are playing him harder than before.  Its a process.  He’s doing fine, hard work, etc.  Everyone wants him to play a game that he is working toward.

Next year will be another year for him.


Another year as in, another year where he struggles to play the game everyone wants him to play?  Another year that he will get left off the All-Star roster?  Another year that he will play the kind of game we want him to play?  Another year to work hard?  Another year of being checked closer?  Another year of an ugly mustache?  Another year of what, Terry?

Now I know I get a little crazy sometimes, and I know that generally when people speak they don’t speak with words prepared for the assault a nitpicker like myself will throw at them.  But I almost fell over laughing when I read “Next year will be another year for him.”  Forgetting the fact that Murray doesn’t really clarify this statement, since his preceding words don’t do that justice for him, there is only one response possible aside from laughter…

No shit Sherlock.