…Terry Murray.

At the end of a short discussion about Doughty being left off of the All-Star roster in which Murray basically said that its no big deal and that the team is happy with Doughty’s play, work ethic and focus (though he said “trying” to focus…. I’m going to stop myself from reading into that one), Murray concluded his little paragraph with this gem:

Next year will be another year for him.

Well maybe the preceding statement colors this statement to make it worth speaking.  You know, that nasty little thing we like to ignore, context.

You go through the (increased) attention of the opponent now. You’re being talked about in their presumes. You’re being checked closer. You’re being played, physically, harder and more often now. As a player, you’ve got to find a way to break through and get the same kind of results that you had in the past, through finding different ways. It’s a process that you have to learn. We’re not disappointed in him. We see the hard work that he’s putting in, and the effort that he’s trying to focus on, to get his game to be that kind of game that everybody wants him to have.

That didn’t help.

So Drew is having to adjust.  Teams are playing him harder than before.  Its a process.  He’s doing fine, hard work, etc.  Everyone wants him to play a game that he is working toward.

Next year will be another year for him.


Another year as in, another year where he struggles to play the game everyone wants him to play?  Another year that he will get left off the All-Star roster?  Another year that he will play the kind of game we want him to play?  Another year to work hard?  Another year of being checked closer?  Another year of an ugly mustache?  Another year of what, Terry?

Now I know I get a little crazy sometimes, and I know that generally when people speak they don’t speak with words prepared for the assault a nitpicker like myself will throw at them.  But I almost fell over laughing when I read “Next year will be another year for him.”  Forgetting the fact that Murray doesn’t really clarify this statement, since his preceding words don’t do that justice for him, there is only one response possible aside from laughter…

No shit Sherlock.

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  1. Murray is a clown. He’s happy with his number one defenseman with 2 goals?

    When was the last time Doughty used the spin move to get out of danger this season? He used to use it almost every game last year. The problem with Doughty this season is between his ears.

    Doughty will need to dedicate himself to his fitness this off season. This season is a lost season for him and not a good time for him since it is a contract year. A 2 year deal is what he will get from Lombardi.

  2. I can’t speak for TM, but my guess is he was talking about DD making the all star games next year. I’m probably in the minority but the DD is fat theory doesn’t hold water with me since he’s only 211 lbs. Out of shape is kind of a wash also, since he’s putting in more ice time than anyone else on the team except for JJ on most nights.

    How incosistant has he been? All rookies make mistakes as their learning, DD took 2 years to start. I think he’ll work it out.

    • Weight is only one factor (a small factor with professional athletes) in fitness. Strength, agility, flexibility, fat to muscle ratio, explosive power, etc. are critical. That is where Doughty is not “fit”. It’s obvious. Watch him during the first 5 minutes of the game and then compare it to the last 5 minutes of the game.

  3. Doughty is a lost cause trade him while you can. It seems he lacks any sort of competative spirit.

  4. Really now, how quickly we forget what an amazing player this kid is. 2 year contract? Not a chance. He will get minimum 5 years. Don’t forget he had a concussion this year. And I won’t even comment on childish vermin’s post. Everybody will be back on his jock within a month.
    Last year he averaged .7 PPG, this year .6 PPG. He is outpacing last years +/-, and he is going to blow away his hit and block shot totals from last year. He is fine and will win the Conn Smythe.

    • I’m not opposed to a two year contract. I’m also not opposed to a 5+ year deal. However Doughty’s play This year has to and will be part of the discussion. If he signs long term now he shouldn’t be getting much more than about 5 million average. 6 at the most.

      However if he signs short term for say 3 or 4 mill a year for two or three years, and then Goes out and has two or three more outstanding seasons, then you can give him a deal worth seriously big Money. And he would still be rfa for that deal. Its an interesting contract considering all the factors. There are up and down sides for each party to both a short term and a long term deal.

      As much faith as I Have in doughty’s career, which Is monumental, you aren’t a sure thing until you’ve done it more than once, preferably thrice.

      • I think Lombardi has more of an issue with his performance off the ice than on the ice. Lombardi was very specific in saying that he has no issues with Johnson’s dedication and that is why he gave him a 7 year deal. Same with Kopitar, while he was still on his ELC, Dean asked him to dedicate himself in the off season and become a better pro. Kopitar did this and was rewarded with a 7 year deal.

        Lombardi had to be disappointed in both Simmonds and Doughty with their performance off the ice during the summer. Both have had disappointing season up to this point and have hurt their chances for a long term deal. I expect both of them to get 2 year deals, unless Doughty takes a serious discount and keeps the cap hit under $5 million for a 5+ year deal. There is also the new CBA looming in 2 years.

    • Yeah okay keep making excuses for them
      Little Drewy has a owwee little Richie has an upper body boo boo that’s why their so sucky. Things like that is what’s making them so soft and weak. A couple of traded a couple of fools sent to Manchester what do you know you have a competative team again. Plenty bitches came back from a concussion and played well. Bring in Deadmarsh Shanahan Scott Stevens let Konstantinov coach from a wheelchair behind the bench
      All the sudden pussys stop pussyfooting around and start competing. I’ve said enough to the likes of you. Good day gentelman.

      • Did you actually say anything? C’mon cv try another dialect, I can’t speak troll.

      • Hey Kidrat…..That non-pussy Adam Deadmarsh you want so bad, never played hockey again after a CONCUSSION….only one. That makes him the biggest pussy of all, right…
        he couldn’t even watch a game on TV or anything with motion for years, vertigo, etc…
        What A Pussy Adam Deadmarsh was……….BUT, you’d bring him in to set an example to the other Pussy’s……Blah, Blah Blah…..you sound like Corey Perry.

        • Where do I begin with you? Somebody that obviously has no knowledge of anything and reporting facts that are totally wrong. MULTIPLE concussions guy atleast two whose severity was that where he coudnt even see straight. Medical books and hockey compendiums are available next time so you don’t sound so damn stupid. I know these things cause I wad a huge Deadmarsh fan as a tike and I’m sure even Surly would tell you how wrong you are. And this is all because he was a guy who battled every battle fought every fight and scraped every scrap not to mention win playoff series score game wining goals and a Stanley Cup to boot. If your good buddy Brown was even one tenth the player he was he wouldn’t be such a disgrace to the captaincy. So don’t you ever disrespect the name of Deadmarsh you sad sack of scum.
          Further more why are you all defending this Doughty character so hard? Basically he came into a very promising season not giving a fuck and letting the team orginization and fans all down. Duh.
          Also why was this ommited? Anze Kopitar is the sole Kings rep for the all-star game. Awesome dude that has shown up every game I have ever seen and is a true warrior out there. Hail to Anze even the NHL can see his greatness though none of these so called Kings fans can. Good Frigging Night.

          • Deadmarsh was a shell of the player he was after his Concussion…..You already disrespected Deadmarsh, maggot. AND…you continue to do so
            I was there for those game winning goals ass-wipe, while you were smokin that PCP.
            You want no excuses, whining, etc….then shut up, Now you sound like Ryan Getzlaf !!
            Whoever gave Deadmarsh his boarding in Colorado, …you’d hang that guy’s jersey from the rafters at your personal “Not a Pussy” museum because that hit took Deader out of the series, and that team ended up winning the cup, could have been us, with Deadmarsh…..but you want no excuses, punk, YOU want no excuses
            So Deadmarsh got a concussion…..couldn’t finish the playoffs…..basically got a Boo Boo..( I’m using your language so it’s easy for you to understand ) The team that took him out win’s the cup….A+3+D= Biggest KINGS Pussy of all time, by YOUR f*D up Definition, you genius…………..
            And by YOUR definition of a PUSSY, and it’s become clear, you must of wrote the manual…….Lemieux was a pussy for getting cancer, Konstantinov was a pussy for getting paralyzed, and Danny Snyder…..in your world…………a pussy.
            AND NOW……you measure the All-Star system as picking “True Warrior’s” !!!
            LOOK ..YOUR >>Favorite Warrior COREY PERRY got picked by the NHL you douche-bag.
            I’m going to give you credit for something…..why, defies logic
            You want to All the Kings players to not get “Pussy” until they start winning!!!!
            This by far has been your best idea to date………but there’s only one Flaw…

            YOU ” Dacroded piece of krap” are ………………….the ” PUSSY”


          • Seeing as how you’re a genius and drug free and all I don’t even have to tell you that simple fractures and compound fractures are two totally different things or I can continue to point out all the wrong and infactual things you have said but any true hockey fan can see that for themselves. All I really have to say is that you are one of the few true idiots and based on your inability to fully grasp arguments posting arguments that are full of holes and angry little name calling I would say your the one sniffing paint. Good day to you sir. Stay off the paint.

  5. OK so what stands out most about Doughty…..Fat, out of shape 21 year old, partying it up late into the night, with strippers and Simmonds……the only difference that I see is ” 21″ So I’d really like to put that shit to rest, because all the rest has been his MO with a Norris Trophy nomination and Olympic Gold Medal. I’ve got 3 Possible causes for the NEW Drew Doughty.
    How about the loss of not 1 but 2 of his MENTORS
    Sean O’Donnell….Has DD played different since we opted for Drewiske & Harrold over OD!! Even after Doughty get’s re-paired w/ Scuds, doesn’t he always praise OD for his lockeroom talks and advice. OD paired with JJ last season made a huge improvement by the olympic break. JJ might be an All-Star this year, or maybe a Norris if OD was here…..
    This one is on Lombardi, the progress of these young D men, are guided by their veteran’s
    Mark Hardy…….Whatever off ice problems or sickness this coach had, it did not translate to his young players. He’s been there since Doughty’s rookie camp, and Johnson’s transformation. What we saw by the end of last season was not 1 but 2 emerging superstars, just getting their career’s going, and more promise here in LA since 99 came here. I’m not against or knocking John Stevens, just look at where our Defensive numbers were. But there is a conservative approach to both DD & JJ style now that seems to be robbing us of their true abilities.
    This one is on Mark Hardy….we have so many more potential superstar D-men, you could have become legendary!!!!
    The Concussion…..Have we forgot DD’s skull damage, cleared to play, yes, Playing ok, no
    Fat, maybe…focused, no. All the excuses, they know he out there, they play him better, they know what he’s going to do…etc. It’s Crap, they knew last season, and he 1 upped everyone of them. They’d cheap shot him, and he laughed, and got them where it counted. Where’s the spin-o-rama???? Haven’t seen it all year. The speed, his head up, puck on his stick antic’s are gone!!
    Last Game…Toronto, Doughty gets to the circle, and….Wind’s up and fires a Slap Shot..WTF
    ALERT…this is a kid playing without any confidence, because, that was forcing something, DD never really had to force anything in the past, he played like a kid having fun with the game and his talent…..now he looks to the ref everytime he get’s a cheapy, he just used to smirk it off, “Until next time MFer”. He doesn’t move his feet with authority anymore, loses the puck off his stick, anticipating the next hit. How can he ” Spin-o-rama” like that move is how he plays, when he’s not reading his time and space to do it. Is there more, Yes, but this is what I see, during one of his good game’s.
    FOCUS…..It got knocked out of him back in October, along with his confidence. Murray is talking about Next season…..Without the right people around him NOW!!! Next season could be 3 to 4 away…..Confidence is the most Fragile attribute in any hockey player, especially a young player. But if DD is lacking Focus to the extent he is showing game after game. Fix it now, before another team gets too………………

  6. What’s he suppose to say. Doughty has not consistantly played near the levels of last year and the year before. He’s still an excellent defenseman but he’s just not currently at those levels.

    In my opinion Quick was clearly the superior choice…that is, until the recent spat of losses.

  7. I cannot think he is not dissapointed in himself so far this season.. a player with his talent can find ways to play the game even with a target on his back.. And he does have a great talent.. we all know and appreciate and when it shows up are in awe of it.. he is young.. he will make mistakes.. but he has been so yo-yoie for want of a better word. .. you never know who is going to show up.. the bright talented player with a gift of the game.. know where the puck will be..and the player will be.. and what to do when he is out there..or that other person who shows up wearing #8.. as crazy as it is making the fans.. I will bet it is gnawing on him as well..
    his youth is showing .. then you compare to JMFJ who seems so much more mature.. at least to me he does.. he makes his mistakes but seems to be more reliable and more consistant in his game.

  8. I respect the democracy here with freedom to express…but seriously …
    where the hell did this Idiot come from?

    • The depths of the bowels of something unpleasant. Freedom must be unanimous. We’ve banned comments before but only in extreme cases. I won’t ban someone for being hostile. There is a line somewhere but I dont know where it is until it gets crossed. Generally the line is somewhere between terrorist threats and being a duck fan.

      • So what’s the implication here that I’m here for the sole purpose of being hostile and antagonizing. I’m here to talk hockey and I live in a place where hardly anyone even knows what hockey is. Talking shit to blowhards is fun to but I’m here to talk hockey so if you want to talk hockey cool if you want to think I’m a idiot that’s cool too. I’m sick of watching this team flounder and players out there perform like they don’t give a shit. Have a nice day.

    • I may not always agree with cv but I will not censor him. This site is by Kings’ fans for Kings’ fans and unless someone is out of control and there is no longer substance to the comments but rather trolling, threats and being an ignorant Ducks fan, they are free to express themselves. CV has been fun and funny and I have enjoyed his comments, even the ones that made me go wtf?

      • Thanks dude…..honestly the best Kings fan site by far with the two coolest guys behind it. Maybe well be lucky enough to see you replace Hammond.

  9. Duck Fan..that qualifies!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. Yeah and with every post by this hockeyjackoff I see someone who desperately wants to be in the lockey post game bare added and bent over. That kind of gayness has to qualify for a permanent boot.


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