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“There’s a lot of positives from today’s game, but the big negative is that we lost. We were positive on the bench, we were positive in the room. We had a good, hard work game, I think, but we just never got rewarded. I don’t think they outplayed us. I just think they capitalized on more of their chances than we did. It’s not going to be easy to turn this ship around. We have to understand it’s going to take everybody. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and effort and concentration by 24, 25 guys in here. We just aren’t find that right now.”


Did you catch it?  It seems innocent, and it may be innocent.  We all know I read into things that perhaps have no meaning deeper than an NHL roster full of AHL scrubs… but I digress about the St. Louis Blues. However, read this part again.

“We have to understand it’s going to take everybody. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and effort and concentration by 24, 25 guys in here.”

24?  25?

The Kings have 23 players on their roster, including healthy scratches Peter Harrold and Alexei Ponikarovsky and backup goalie Johnathan Bernier.  No NHL team is allowed to carry 24 or 25 players.

Perhaps Stoll misspoke.  However that doesn’t seem likely when you consider that Stoll has been around a while and team’s have had, for as long as I can remember, a 23-man roster limit during any given NHL season.  So who are numbers 24 and 25?

Did Jarret Stoll just indict the coaching staff in the most subtle way?

“A lot of hard work and effort and concentration”

I may be wrong, but it looks to me like Stoll, accidentally perhaps, just called out the coaching staff for lacking focus.  Did I just read the beginning of public displeasure with Terry Murray?

Its hard to say, and even if Stoll were asked for clarification, I doubt he would outright say he was talking about Murray and/or Kompon and Stevens even if he did mean what I think he meant.  That would be pretty classless and a good way to get your ass traded.  However I can’t help but feel this comment was directed at a coaching staff that Scribe & I are certainly no more pleased with than it seems the players who have admittedly lost their focus have been.

Or maybe Stoll just don’t count too good.

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  1. Yeah I wouldn’t have caught that. That’s good attention to detail by you guys. I think and from what I’ve seen and heard from Stoll is that he’s a pretty intelligent guy. You could be into something.

  2. So are you saying he accidentally called out the coaching staff, or accidentally counted wrong? Cause I think he might be accidentally right in both casses.

  3. How can a number of Vets be expected to continue to focus at a high level when living with the daily knowledge that they may shortly be bumped for a rookie or the prospect of being traded to a losing team where they will play out their career?

    This is a moral issue. The circumstances which draw out the completion a trade, the Kovalchuk distraction and the (all but) certain knowledge that Loki, Moller and several others will soon fill the roster (this season or next) is taking its toll.

    The future is being drawn out too long to be healthy for the present. If the options present themselves then management must move quickly. If not, then perhaps look to next season and hope for the best this season. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    • What are you talking about dude? Those are the kinds of things that should motivate them further not push them to regress. Williams is a good example of that.
      By the way does anybody know what happened to VagabondJim? Anybody at all?

      • Jim last commented 4 days ago. Too early to put out an APB.

        • Ill give it till Monday then I’m calling 911.

          • I’m back! I just took a little weekend jaunt (I am a freaking Vagabond, dude.)


            The better half* and I spent 4 wonderful nights hanging out with Marco Sturm’s countrymen. It’d been 25 years since I last mangled the “awful German language” so I thought it was time to see the Vaterland again.

            We arrived Friday night and in spite of being keen to see a DEL game (EHC Munich v. Dusseldorf) sanity prevailed…I slept for 13 hours (it’s a long way from L.A. to Munich, especially if the last leg is on the train. 8am Thurs. LAX departure, ~12 hours to FRA, then 4 more on the train to Munich. Add in 9 time zones of difference and transfer times…helllo jetlag.)

            Dachau, beer, schnitzel, beer,wurst, schnitzel, the Deutsches Museum, beer, wurst, BMW Welt, goulash suppe, beer, wurst, bweer, …well, you get the picture. Paulaner, Augustiner, Franzikaner, Scheinder und Sohn, Andechts, Hacker-Schorr, we hit most of the big brew houses. We missed Spaten and a few others just so we’d have an excuse to go back soon.

            I’m a travel (and miles) whore. If anybody needs help sketching out travel plans, let me know.

            But, I’m back and my wordy, awkwardly punctuated, run-on sentences will be flowing soon.


            *A charming and wonderful woman. Her only flaw is that, in spite of being a Canadian, she hates hockey. She mutters something about too much fighting whenever I make her watch. But, she puts up we me so I can overlook that. Easily. Verrrrry easily.

          • My return will be complete Thursday in Section 110 when I take my seat.

    • Forgive the juvenile mole-rat, I don’t think he’s been fed for some time…..

      Spot on USHA…..the pecking order so to speak , has the motivational drive


      Stoll…played his best hockey as a King earlier this year, WHY, Loktionov & Schenn made the club, both potentially his replacements…..he STEPPED it up big time…..Lokti sent down, his performance slowed down…..Schenn sent packing…..same old Stoll

      Williams…Contract year, NO viable young wingers in our system that could unseat him for a spot….feeling healthy…..putting up numbers….getting bounces, & breaks.

      Poni-depressed-ski….nobody offers up money to sign him, but then Lombardi loses Fro….Gets overpaid to come here for 3rd line duty…..time off with injuries….watches as Parse, Lokti( not a wing ) Richie, and King get first line duty over him….there is no competition for wingers…Sturm arrives…..promoted above him……Not a good situation for him to get going, find his game….game against Toronto said it all…waive him.

      Handzus……Nobody in our system is up for the game to game role that he plays…..Yes he looks slower, tired and old….but the physical demand on him may not show up in Minutes on ice, or points per game….this is the hardest position on any team to fill…..contract year for him, but he’s older than Williams, knows the money will never be the same, and the young players he’s paired with need to shore up their end, follow his lead, and fit on his line….with no help on the horizon….he looks like a beaten man at times.

      Manchester….we are converting our natural centers to play wing, our centerman to play defensively, our puckmoving d-men to stay at home, …….remolding our talent to fit what the Big club is lacking… it working???…hard to say…..when Jones is in net….they win….when Zatkoffs in…..hit or miss.

      Now Lewis…..he is the product of this method, all around good hockey player, better centerman in my opinion, not comfortable or confident at wing. Played all situations in Manchester…..Now where does this former 1st round pick fit on the Kings? 4th line center, 4th line wing…..what forward on the Kings is stepping it up, because Lewis might be wearing their colored jersey next practice.

      What’s the Point….that’s got to be on all the player’s mind’s so far….if a young player like Doughty or Simmonds doesn’t make the team, they languish in Manchester, find a point when they stick….then the Kings give up….and they go somewhere else, cause they get someone else.
      Moulson, Boyle, Purcell, Steckel…..were all very good AHL players, where are they now?

      How many players on the Kings ” Right now” have had successful AHL seasons, ( Brown does not count, that was a Lockout year!!!) These current LA Kings have job security, the GM is afraid to pull the trigger, The worst our coach will do is change their line, and the best Manchester has offered is 2 3rd pairing D-men, 1 utility guy scratched, and a 4th line center/wing.

      The players we’ve let go are having more success than the one’s we keep. But we’ll let them go too….that’s what we do….that’s how you build a winner…..that’s DL’s system.

  4. I don’t know. Could just be he was tired after the game and couldn’t pull out the exact number of players. After playing a hockey game, I barely know what gear I’m in while driving home. And there’s only 5! lol

    Or you could be right… If the losing continues we’ll find out more.

  5. There’s some shit goin on with this team that the fans (or anyone else outside the room) does not know about. Whatever it is, I wish it would be resolved, no matter what it takes.

    The season is very quickly going in the toilet, including a playoff berth. Very discouraging.

    Last night I turned off the game in the third period and went to bed.

  6. Come on Surly, this is a stretch, even for you. Stoll is talking about the players that have been on the team and injured with call ups. Parse is still on the roster and Moller was up recently. I’ve heard Kopitar say the same thing about 24 guys in here.

    They aren’t publicly talking about Murray, they are showing their disdain on the ice in their effort.

    • If that is true–the players won’t play for him–that probably won’t change. The season may well be in the shitter…

    • I did say I could be wrong. Thats certainly possible and no skin off my back. But I don’t think its a huge stretch. I’ve certainly stretched further with less in the past.

      However if Stoll is talking about Parse ad Moller (whose call up is really not That recent) , well then shit. How on earth do the Los Angeles Kings need harder work and focus from two guys not even playing. Parse I understand as he is probably still around the team, but referring to someone in Manchester? I’d rather He be indicting the coach than asking for the hard work of a player 3000 miles away.

      • I could be wrong too. But if you are not, this means that a number of individual relationships–at least a critical mass–with the coach have deteriorated. One would like to think that professionals shouldn’t act like that but once again who knows what goes on in the room.

        This mayall be speculatory, but it becomes difficult to explain so many losses (in a team that was winning a lot), other than a systemic problem between coaching and players, or just bad coaching.

        I do not mean to scapegoat Murray (although his system seems stifling to offensive creativity) , but if the players are so frustrated they won’t play for him, the organization must be in shambles.

        I am not sure what the solution is.

  7. Call me an idiot an all but could it a couple of meanders inside the locker room that are sort of dragging everybody else down and creating a shitty atmosphere and not completely Murray. I think a strong leader a real captain would do this team some good while disposing of the garbage. Think Avery I’m Dallas.
    Also I saw a special about Kirk Gibson coming to the Dodgers kicking ass an taking names then they won the World Series.

  8. Seriously though, is it a vast conspiracy of players that is causing problems this season? Or is it that Terry Murray isn’t a very good coach post-lockout? Did Murray’s “system” peak last season?

    I think Lombardi is going to just let this season play out and cross his fingers that they squeak into the playoffs.

    It’s probably about 50-50 right now for the playoffs. The Kings will have to have some stellar road play to make it, but the Kings were good on the road last year and it could happen again.

    • Lombardi takes a wait and see attitude with the road trip and he better start applying for other GM positions. This team looks demoralized. They are playing like it’s a freaking pick up game out there and the winner gets chicken wings. Murray is not going anywhere. That much I am certain of. But the need for a second line center followed by a first line winger has never been greater.

      • Moller and Loktionov. Done.

        Both with 3 more points tonight. ;)

      • and Surly are great writers and very interesting. I loved it all. LMHO. I think Murry was a good coach the first half and he will be a good one the second half. I agree that something appears to be going on, however, for now I think I will say a pray tonight…..Just thoughts.

  9. 23 players + 3 coaches = 26 people. “24, 25 guys in here” = a subtle implication that 1 or 2 of the folks in the locker room aren’t “guys” — i.e. they’re transvestites, maybe transsexuals, maybe even hermaphrodites. I’d like to think that professional hockey players were a bit more tolerant, more open-minded, more “modern”, but I’m afraid there’s nothing that ruins team morale quicker than gender confusion.

    Remember that day they wore the mullet wigs? There were a couple guys, you could just tell…


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