Surly:  Hey Scribe, question for you… exactly how bad is Drew Doughty?

Scribe:  He’s so bad that anything less than great sucks bad.

Surly:  Doughty  is so bad other teams are going to start putting their targets on Alec Martinez’s back.  Drew Doughty is that bad.

Scribe: Viva La Raza! …that was to the Martinez target comment…nevermind. Doughty is so bad that if you believe the complete absurd fallacy that there has been some elaborate learning process by 29 other NHL teams over the past two seasons on how to focus on and play Drew and THAT is the reason he is playing bad, then you are about as slow as Doughty defending against a rushing forward and one hole short of a doughnut…speaking of doughnut…

Surly: If bad were a doughnut… actually that doesn’t need a qualifier.  Message to Drew: Doughnuts are bad!

Scribe: Remember Kopitar two seasons ago at the end of each shift? Gassed? Dying to get off? Watch Doughty at the end of his shifts in the third period. Bad.

Surly: Drew’s bad is so bad it borders on great… at least the gap between Doughty’s play this season and last is great.

Scribe: That great chasm between this season and last is about the only great I have seen out of Doughty…and don’t blame his play on the concussion. He played poorly before the concussion and given his penchant for hitting, it’s a bit silly to point to the concussion as the x factor.

Surly: Drew Doughty is so bad that we are perfectly sane in being disappointed in a player who is still better than your average NHL defenseman.

Scribe: Better than your average NHL defenseman…yeah, that’s what I thought we got with the second overall draft pick and what we all expected in his third NHL season.

Dough·ty [dou-tee]
steadfastly courageous and resolute; valiant.

It’s time for Doughty to define his game to his name.


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  1. Some still defend him, but his play this year has been mediocre at best. His offensive production has been poor. His “puck management” has been poor. Yes his conditioning sucks.
    He has made mistakes in one goal games.

    You kind of get the idea that his attitude is different this year. Seems very cavalier, and carries himself with a swagger that is not commensurate with his play on the ice. What has gotten into his head? If someone is going to bring pussy into the discussion, I would listen.

    He is capable of elevating the play of the rest of the team. I just don’t know what he is waiting for…

  2. Interesting that you mention Kopitar, who went through similar issues last season and came out the other side. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater here, guys. Name me a defenceman on ANY team who’s played every season up to your exacting standards for an entire career and I’ll start listening. Until then, this is just pointless bitching.

    • Hmmm…apparently, the humor went over some heads. This article was very much tongue in cheek. We threw in a few clues in there.

      With that said, he has sucked this season by Doughty standards and this is his third season. Jacob and I love Drew and want nothing but his success but you have to be drinking the kool-aid not to see the flaws in his game.

  3. <—- doesn't understand all the doughty hate…

  4. Lindstrom for meg. and they are just mesing around its been a couple rough weeks for kings fans this is just how these two blow steam. you missed the best line doughty is so bad he has to carry Alec Martinez’s equipment

  5. If we can’t have some levity, we might as well just shoot ourselves in the head right now. Its quicker and less painful than watching this season without a dash of levity.

    Are we disappointed in Doughty? IMMENSELY! Do we think this spells bad omens for the career ahead of Drew? No. Then again, I’ve watched far too many players in the NHL look like superstars one year only to never reclaim an iota of that former glory (Theodore, Cheechoo, etc).

    I firmly believe Doughty will bounce back. If we make the playoffs, I think the prospect of glory vs. elimination will light the fire back under his ass.

    However to not understand any of the complaints about Doughty is to not watch his play on the ice. It is to be satisfied with less. Do we expect DOughty to carry this team on his back 82 games a year? Absolutely not. However the expectations we do put on Drew are spawned purely from Doughty’s own past play. There is nothing we expect from Doughty that he hasn’t already done before.

  6. Doughty has been so bad Hits on the Paint is currenrly prearing a 10 page post/essay describing the moons path throught stellar winds coinciding with Hardy’s departure and the with the Earth moving into Aquarius that will fully prove Doughtys irrelevance to his play this year.

  7. You guys say Doughts bad play is Not the result of the concussion ..I have to wonder..You are correct that he did not have a good start this season. I do not remember his start last season to compare
    .if it took him a little while to get started or not??

  8. I heard DD has to drive the rookies to practice.

    DD got escorted by armed security out of hometown buffet.

    DD’s stick broke on a shot. Upon further review it seems he wasn’t shooting but leaning on it.

    DD is better than the average defenseman in the NHL. This is only exceptable for the rest of the Kings defenseman.

  9. Surly, I’m with you on this. Have no problem giving the guy a “break” and I too went back to Kopi a couple of years ago when he was asked to focus on the defensive part of his game. He spent most of the season looking like he was in rookie-mode, but look how he’s developed as a solid, two-way player who is on his way to becoming the next “Zetterberg”.

    I do think however, that dewey is not as conditioned as he should be, and to me, that is no excuse. On a year when he’s due to renew his contract, I would think there would be extra incentive there.

    I also agree that I am not looking for Dewey to rival Lidstrom this year, but I would like to see the Dewey of 2009/2010 which I think we’ve seen LITTLE of this year.

  10. I think he heard all of this–he played a pretty good game tonight.


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