Surly:  Hey Scribe, question for you… exactly how bad is Drew Doughty?

Scribe:  He’s so bad that anything less than great sucks bad.

Surly:  Doughty  is so bad other teams are going to start putting their targets on Alec Martinez’s back.  Drew Doughty is that bad.

Scribe: Viva La Raza! …that was to the Martinez target comment…nevermind. Doughty is so bad that if you believe the complete absurd fallacy that there has been some elaborate learning process by 29 other NHL teams over the past two seasons on how to focus on and play Drew and THAT is the reason he is playing bad, then you are about as slow as Doughty defending against a rushing forward and one hole short of a doughnut…speaking of doughnut…

Surly: If bad were a doughnut… actually that doesn’t need a qualifier.  Message to Drew: Doughnuts are bad!

Scribe: Remember Kopitar two seasons ago at the end of each shift? Gassed? Dying to get off? Watch Doughty at the end of his shifts in the third period. Bad.

Surly: Drew’s bad is so bad it borders on great… at least the gap between Doughty’s play this season and last is great.

Scribe: That great chasm between this season and last is about the only great I have seen out of Doughty…and don’t blame his play on the concussion. He played poorly before the concussion and given his penchant for hitting, it’s a bit silly to point to the concussion as the x factor.

Surly: Drew Doughty is so bad that we are perfectly sane in being disappointed in a player who is still better than your average NHL defenseman.

Scribe: Better than your average NHL defenseman…yeah, that’s what I thought we got with the second overall draft pick and what we all expected in his third NHL season.

Dough·ty [dou-tee]
steadfastly courageous and resolute; valiant.

It’s time for Doughty to define his game to his name.