Last game against the St. Louis Blues I gave you the numbers on missed shots. Tonight, I’ll be tracking the L.A. Kings’ offensive zone entries that result in nothing…as in no shot on goal nor scoring opportunity. Why this stat? Because the Kings’ endless, futile cycling has been nothing short of maddening and when I see opposing teams anticipate the play with ease and kill any potential for premium puck possession, I ask myself how many zone entries go wasted in a game? Of course, to have proper perspective, I will also track those zone entries that do result in a shot on goal or a scoring opportunity. It will be interesting to see how the percentages play out.


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  1. You are a saint!

  2. Keep an eye on how many times the Kings have a player on the weak side during a cycle head to the front for a backdoor chance. I’m sure you won’t have to count too high.

  3. I’ve often complained about that F3 playing so high in the slot. It seems like the gap is too big. Makes it easy for opposing teams to isolate the 2 forcheckers down low and box out the 3 high. Murray has stated that he’ll be concentrating on possesion so I would be interested to see if your #’rs are positive tonight. I think if we went back a few games the #’rs would be very negative.

    Question, Are you going to be keepong track of both teams?

  4. Gonna track the same stat for the other team, so we have something to compare it to?

  5. Watching the Vancouver -Ranger game Thursday Vancouver’s F3 played down a lot lower, and with confidence..I shutter to think how our team of late would stack up against them.
    Also wondering you guys ever submit the stats you track to the King’s management?
    Or Miller and Fox? I think it would be a “hello…”
    if they are not tracking the ones you are talking about here. Fox and Miller would use for sure during broadcast.


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