First, the video.

Flip the switch indeed. He scored his first goal in 14 games and though he was caught flat footed on the second goal against, Drew played…well, like the Drew of 2009-2010. Still, one game does not a season make. Consistency. That equates success, both his and that of the team. We all know what he is capable of doing. We’ve seen it. He is a game changer and a super star when he wants to be. Let’s hope last night’s game is the catalyst for more and a sign that he indeed wants to be.

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  1. Did…..did…..did Doughty actually show up to play? Wonder how long that will last? Ill give it two more games. Very obvious this team really needs him to play well and not be himself.
    Also, didn’t Bernier look good last night like his old self? Maybe Ranford stop screwing him up. Was Ranford ever any good anyway?

  2. Matt Greene looks like he’s having fun. Good times…let them continue!


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