This is L.A.
Our city our home.
Los Angeles,
We never walk alone.
Forever true we’ll stay
In tribute to our city,
No matter where we go
This is our home.

Imagine the entire song being sang by what looked like 50 but sounded akin to 1,000 Kings’ fans at last night’s game. That was section 330 and I loved it! In addition to the Briggs’ catchy tune, the hooligans of 330 cheered various “L.A” chants, melodies and the occasional anti-Oilers sentiment. They were loud…man, were they loud! Their voices filled the arena and their enthusiasm was contagious. It produced one of the best crowds I have seen at Staples and a playoff atmosphere.

I have nothing but love for each of you.


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  1. God I hate that Briggs song.

  2. OK, now I get it.

    I heard those chants, but being across the arena from 330, I couldn’t understand what the hell they were singing. I assumed it was some bogus Canadian hymn because it sounded like a garbled mess. I just watched the video on KingsVision of this group sing-a-long, and it still sounds like a garbled mess.

    I LOVE the enthusiasm of section 330, but I hate that stupid song and can not wait for it to be extinguished from the memory of anything to do with the Kings. Its a terrible song when over-produced, and does not translate well to a group sing-a-long. Time to come up with something new.

    … that surly enough for you vermin? :)

  3. Yeah I hate the song gives me a headache but sounds like a rowdy good time. One of these days I’m gonna get out there.

    • If you want rowdy when you do make it out to a game, sit in section 315, 316, 303 or 304. These four sections account for the lions share of chanting at Staples.

      • Thanks for the tip ill keep that in mind. One of these days. Oh yeah that’s pretty surly. Talking shit and hating stuff is cool.

  4. Here’s some song would get the crowd fired up better:
    Dominate by Morbid Angel
    Die by my Hand by Satyricon
    Defending the Realm by Winterfylleth
    Could throw in Kings or L.A. somewhere in each of them.

    • I’ve been dying for the Kings to play more metal. The music caters to an ‘la’ stereotype crowd and not a hockey crowd.

      I hear Pantera and even some choice Slayer riffs on TV from other arenas. Its not asking for anything out of the ordinary to demand more metal. Its not like I expect Disgourged or Deeds of Flesh to be blasting in between whistles.

      • Yeah I know I was thinking it would be awesome but there’s a lot of those poseurs and hipsters always trying to be cool and try to be trendy so it would ruin it.

  5. Wahhh, shut up.. by the way I’m pretty sure the kings have some metal band.. whats their name??? oh yeah… MAIDEN!! play in the staple center


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