“He won. He won. He’s playing. He won. Period.”

Not since “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” has there been a more fun quote than “win and you’re in.” Actually, it’s not Murray’s quote. Terry just implied it. Rich Hammond came up with the beauty. Well, technically, it’s not even Rich’s quote as the rhythmic expression has been around for a while (generally applicable to qualifying for the next round or finals of whatever sport) but Hammond gets full props for making it relevant here.

So Bernier gets the start against Dallas and, if he wins, “Then he might go again. We’re going to win some games. We’re going to go with a lineup that’s winning. We’ve got to win.”

“A lineup that’s winning.” I do find the last quote ironic considering Terry Murray has decided to put Kevin Westgarth on the fourth line after Wayne Simmmonds’ injury. The irony stems from Westgarth bringing nothing to the team, not speed, not skill, not defense or offense, and just about any call up from the AHL (especially Moller) or even putting in Peter Harrold for goodness sake would give the team a better chance to win. But this isn’t about winning with wingers. It’s about gaining victories with goalies and that is apparently a whole lot different to our coach.

So, is this cool? The Bernier thing, not putting in Kevin Westgarth. The latter sucks. But yes, the former is cool. At this point in the season and with the steady dose of losses in the home stand, there is no time to fart around with titles like “number 1 goalie” or worry about bruised egos. One could even advocate that an uber competitive goalie like Jonathan Quick will relish this and come out with a stellar performance when next he is placed between the pipes. This will also eliminate any excuses Bernier may have swimming in his head that not getting consecutive or more starts is the reason he is not performing at optimum levels. It’s put up or shut up. Another fun one liner.

There is a second irony at play here…I didn’t think Jonathan Bernier played particularly well. He didn’t guard the post on Penner’s goal (though that was a beauty) and he followed that with an unnecessary Kelly Hrudey face dive to completely take him out of position on the second. This isn’t about logic though. It’s about having fun with borrowed one liners. With that said, “I’ll be back.”

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  1. This is very strange considering Bernier has been very shaky all year. Even stranger is that last year all he did was keep Ersberg on the bench and say he didn’t trust him. But Bernier he trusts?

  2. This is the same way I pick my goalie in NHL 11. Play the same goalie until I lose.

    Here’s to Bernier getting all of the starts. :)

  3. If Bernier ever wanted an opportunity to seize the momment, he got it gift wrapped. I think ultimately Quick will shine through, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pulling for him. Having 2 #1 goalies is a great problem to have.

    And just think of the speculation for trade bait that Kingsfans will have with each hot streak. Regardless of the fact that we have both locked up for quite a while for the same cost of most #1 goalies.


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