I wanted to see the Kings turn this ship around. I wanted to see them play the game I know they can when they don’t rely almost exclusively on this maddening cycle that has produced nothing but perimeter play and opposing teams anticipating the pass, double teaming our man along the half boards and getting the puck out. I wanted talented players like Kopitar, Williams, Stoll, Sturm, Brown, Doughty, and Johnson to use those God-given talents of speed and puck handling ability to get the play to the middle of the ice where goals happen. I wanted all of this. Instead, we fans got a nice fat dose of Terry Murray hockey against the Stars. So much so that even the Versus announcer (I think it was the color guy, but that is irrelevant) during the game made the following comment in the third period:

Boy, everything is around the outside for Los Angeles as they attack. It’s difficult for them to go interior. I think some of it is their own making. They’re looking for stuff on the outside rather than through the middle. It’s not that exotic as far as their attack is concerned

He knows what you know and what we all see. The players are playing the system but it is the system that has failed and our coach is incapable of making adjustments.

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  1. *grumblegrumblegrumble* it was a frustrating game to watch, and kinda upsetting having to say the Bernier actually carried the team for a good part of it (because I’m really just not a fan of Bern’s goaltending style). They need to start thinking outside of the box. And it’s time to bring back the Brown-Kopi-Smyth line and start gettin stuff done.

    • It’s not the lines brother. Every single line combination known to man (other than Westgarth as a top 6, though I am waiting for that one) has been tried. This coach of ours is immune to adjusting the attack. I used to think it was stubbornness. I am starting to actually believe now it may be incompetence, specifically he doesn’t know anything else.

    • Hell the fuck noooooo. Do not under any circumstances put Brown on that line that’s the one thing that’s fine like it is. Don’t be Murray and start mixing shit up again.

  2. Okay so what’s the problem? The coach or the system or both? I happen to believe the system works. Its an attacking hard working blitzkrieg smash mouth scheme. Its worked for plenty of others and it can work here the problem is the players aren’t bringing the work and energy into it. The coach sucks in the way he is unable to adjust and his constant needless tinkering with lines is frigging stupid and exhausting. I’m sure everynoe is sick of it.

    By the way did any body find it ironic that Brown was so upset about somebody taking a dive on him? Wasn’t it also Skrastins the Guy who in the first meeting Brown flopped straight on his ass when Skrastins barely touched him?

  3. I’m reaching…..but…..Let’s trade all our prospects + Line 1 as it is now, For:

    Crosby…..Stamkos……& either Sedin

    Have them play Murray’s system for 1 game, if it work’s, then it’s Ladders at practice for the bottom 3 lines until playoff’s.

    If it exposes how insane, stupid, and full retard our coaching staff is, for not seeing success when we deviating from this system, then complete banishment from the league.

    Where Is Ted Nolan??? Can we look into his availability?

  4. Early in the game….Richie get’s creative and slips a soft pass to Lewis breakin in…Where?

    Best Scoring chance of the game for LA……no boards, no cycle, No shit.

  5. I’m in the system is failing the players camp. We have talent here, and on the rare occasion that we face a team that hasn’t scouted us thoroughly enough, we can win convincingly. But that happens all too infrequently. I think that the lack of hitting, and just getting stuck on the boards, where any team in the league will let you shoot all night from, is coming from players that no longer have faith that the system will bring them victory. They are already playing like a team destined to miss the post season, and just playing out the string. Terry Murray needs to be fired, and soon, if we are to save any of this season.


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