Click on the link to Icethetics for the rest of the article and other teams’ jersey changes.

Apparently the Kings intend to toss out everything and go back to the drawing board in 2011. Wow.

Actually, if I’m being honest this complete reboot wasn’t entirely unforeseen. The team has been dropping hints over the past year. For example, the players opted to wear the black third jerseys throughout their 2010 playoff run. And the throwback launched this season is very popular among fans.

Not only that, but Icethetics reported in October on photos of possible jersey prototypes seen in Luc Robitaille’s office at the Kings’ practice facility. They are essentially white versions of the current third jersey (right).


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  1. Not sure I like the idea of doing a complete reboot and rebranding. However I do like the idea of going to the current thirds as the home jersey, a white version for away, and the forum blue and golds as the permanent third (helps that I just bought a forum blue and gold Jack Johnson jersey last Thursday).

    If they rebrand totally, while I would hope they come out with something very cool, I have a very it would be lame… just a hunch.

  2. Never liked the Purple and yellow personally even though it’s a classic color scheme, I wouldn’t oppose having it though. Wouldn’t mind seeing the current 3rd with a sheild logo. Why can’t the 3rd jerseys’ be in white? I could be mistaken but I believe even when the home colors were white the 3rd was still in black.

  3. I remember seeing the actual jerseys from the photos from that October article… They had both versions in use during a pee wee hockey scrimmage between periods at a game shortly after that article posted. I figured it was an easy way for kids to do a black vs white scrimmage.

  4. Black and White with the retro crown…I would LOVE that!

  5. I’m certain I’m in the minority when I say that I really don’ty like the current 3rd jerseys or the purple and gold throw-backs.

    I like the black & purple home combo. And. I really like the Shield crest from ’98-’02.

    Yes, I have no taste.


  6. black n silver plsssss!!!!!!


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