A reminder about the parameters:

  • Each of L.A.’s offensive zone entries that resulted in a shot on goal or a scoring opportunity (a deflected or blocked shot that had a chance) were given a Y mark.
  • Each of the Kings’ entries that failed to result in the above was given a X mark
  • Goals that resulted from Murray’s system of cycling the puck were circled when they were particularly effective or failed to be.

First period: X, Y, X, Y, Y (Stoll’s shorthanded attempt), X, Y (goal, off faceoff, 14 threw puck to net), X, Y, X, Y, X,  Y, Y, Y, X, X, Y

18 zone entries
10 created offensive opportunities
Cycle produced nothing. Dump and chase produced nothing.

Second period: X, X, (both cycle failures), Y, X (cycle failure), Y, X (cycle failure), X (cycle failure), Y, Y, Y, X, X, Y, X, Kings getting away from the cycle, Matt Greene penalty and goal against, Y, X (failed cycle), Y, X, Y, Richardson penalty, delay of game, these penalties are killing us, Langenbrunner PP goal, X (failed cycle), Y (good cycle), X, X, X, X (we are back to the dump, chase, cycle), Y.

26 zone entries
11 created offensive opportunities, including 4 out of 6 when the Kings got away from the cycle.
Overall though, the Kings are playing a Terry Murray game, keeping everything to the outside as if the middle of the ice does not exist.

Third period: X, X, X, X (cycle attempts are failing), Y, Y, X, X, Y, X (last 4 on power play, all dump and chase), X (another failed dump and chase), X (failed cycle), X (failed cycle), X (failed cycle), X (failed dump and chase), Y (mini cycle), X, Y, Y, X, X (dump and chase), X (failed cycle), X, at this point, the verses announcer whose name escapes me said something that we have been echoing on this site but that will be its own article, X, Y, X, X, X (nothing but trying to force cycles), Y, Y, penalty shot call here and missed attempt, X

31 zone entries
Only 9 created offensive opportunities
That period was vintage Terry Murray hockey.

I think this is a situation where I will let the statistics speak for themselves.

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  1. Yeah pretty pitiful and not as intense of a game as I expected it to be. The team took on the character of the coach – Fuddy Duddy.

  2. I’m sooooooo frustrated right now! I see the other team clamp down. I see how we can break through the nuetral zone. I see plays that could be made through the middle of the ice to generate offense. And yet I’m only a fan. Murray is so sold on his system that he can’t see past it. Stevens has not brought anything to our defense to improve it. If anything it’s taken a step backwards (especially wrt DD). Kompon only knows what a high tip in the middle of the ice, or a backdoor play is on the PP when it’s scored against us. The X’s and Y’s tell the tale.

    Even with a renewed attention to the breakouts before the last game, they were rendered useless once Dallas got the lead. Even the announcers made a comment as to the perimeter play being self inflicted. Everyone see’s it except for the Kings coaching staff. The opposition has learned to flood the nuetral zone, funnel the Kings into the boards, and allow the point shot on the power play, and the Kings have learned to take the path of least resistance and play right into their hands.

    Sorry for the senseless rant, carry on.

  3. What’s even worse is that the Kings don’t even play the correct dump and chase. They send it around the boards so the goalie can stop it up for the defense. The correct way is to dump it cross corner so the goalie can’t play it.

  4. It’s pretty bad when the douches on Versus catch on to your game plan and question it! I can’t remember the actual quote, but they definitely suggested the team try “something new” . Are they afraid of the middle of the ice? Some pseudo NJ Devil’s triangle?


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