Let’s try and predict the very predictable Terry Murray. Since there will be no adjustments made to the actual offensive scheme, we can expect:

1. Quick to start;

2. Westgarth will likely be out with Harrold in;

3. Potential line shuffling, possibly with Handzus and Ponikarovsky moving up to play with Clifford while Lewis, Harrold and Richardson take the fourth line role…or something like that.

The third option may be less likely since it’s a back to back game but hey, predicting Terry is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s not a question of whether, but when.

What do you think? If I nail all three, I say Dean Lombardi gives me the coaching job. Surly would be my assistant and we would bring the Cup to LA…even if we have to steal the damn thing.

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  1. I love that you have a “LA Kings coach Terry Murray’s line shuffling” tag. Back when my blog had tags… I had a “Coach Murray’s Line Combinations of Fun” tag.

  2. I agree to that stipulation of you becoming coach I mean here it is you a blogger able to do and predict exactly what a highly paid and respected NHL coach does. Your talents are going to waste. By the way this article was funny I was cracking up pretty hard

  3. How did Cliford make the team out of training camp, playing the way he is now.

    This system is even robbing him of his talents

    How can Clifford be 3rd overall in rookie Hits??

    He’s here to be a Hitter, he may play less minutes than other rookies, but isn’t that his MO…Hitting.

    What other purpose or role is there for him right now? OHHH I got it….!!!!!

    Let’s take a Bad Ass, Death Stare, Mean Mutha F****r!!! And preach possession, board cycling & Murray’s checking side of the game……while he’s very young and naive.
    Mix it up here in Los Angeles….and you get, A PUSSY!!!!

    Thanx for turning Clifford into a pussy coach……His hit per game ratio has been dropping since he joined your system…..

    Not only does Terry Murray’s system rob skill,creativity and production, it turned a Tiger into a kitten…..

  4. Aside from the needless line changes, a big fat 0.

  5. King fans it’s time we face reality.. This team just isn’t that good.

    I think we need to also face to prospects that the Kings should be sellers at this point rather than buyers. There isn’t an impact player available that is available, or at least that Dean Lombardi has enough stones to to go get.

    Outside of Kopitar there isn’t a legit, indeputable 1st line talent on this team. And don’t give me the Kings are younger blah blha blah Handzus, Stoll. Smyth,Williams, Mitchell, Poni, are not young and you’re only going to get so much out of this group you’re relying so heavily on.

    Cut your losses and find a buyer who is willing to over pay..

    • Johnny22, Even if you change every player on the team, those players will still be playing the exact same system. It’s not who the players are, but how their being told to attack. I like’n it to the Russians sending thousands of troops to charge German machine gun nests during world war 2. Senseless. At some point you have to change the way you fight.

      • I agree Dominick.

        Our terrific start to the season was not a fluke. No one was playing over their heads. The difference between then and now is the opponent’s scouting of our team and our lack of answers to the scouting. Commend the players for sticking to the system, condemn the system for failing the players.

    • Shut your man pleaser fool go back to whatever pussy bitch land you came from. This team can and will make the playoffs.

  6. I agree with both of you, Surly and Dominick and I think it’s time that Kings fans start calling for the head of Terry Murray. He is leading this team to ruin, and he lacks the imagination to get it turned around.

  7. Shut your punk asses all of you. I remember a day when guys like Richardson Simmonds and Williams were in there forechechking and doing and awesome job at it seperating man from Puck keeping plays in the offensive zone for entire shifts and playing outstanding D to boot. Now, no energy. Where did it go? Fuck if I know. But a law of physics says energy can be created and not destroyed. Why am I saying this? Fuck if I know that either. Should Kopitar and Smyth be given full reign to go out and create if coarse but lets be realistic all the way around. This team will win by D not O so lets not forger that either. I’m done with my crazy confusing rant thanks for reading.

    • You left me confused.

      Are you even paying attention to what anyone is saying?

      A good troll figures out how to turn peoples points against them. You haven’t even figured out the point yet.

      C’mon cv keep up with the class.

      • I’ve tried to pay attention to what you’re saying and between every duh and der I can see what your subliminally saying ” I’m a dumb bitch”. And if you can’t pick up or see my point or just too much like this Dominatrix guy don’t want nothing do to with you anyway.

        • Child… you haven’t had a point other than ‘you are a pussy’ ‘you are a dumb bitch’ or ‘shut the fuck up’ in several comments now.

          Wait… wait, I’m wrong. You had one other point – ‘fuck if I know’

          I don’t blame you. This yeahs is causing us all to pull on our hair so vigorously that we are dislodging neurons in the process.

    • So you are behind Murray 100%?

      • No dude I’m not. I think Murray is way too fuddy duddy to lead this team. For all I know its him demotivating this team but its like you’re lost the fact that this is a defensive team much much more than offensive and you’ve also denounced an entire compitent scheme that works on top teams like Vancouver and just takes some battle and fight for it to be compitent and that’s the kind of hockey I like. I want Kopitar to go out there and not feel imprisoned and I know that will lead to more chances but its only a matter of time till its sniffed out. Stick to what got you there Dfucking fence. There should be more creativity for some but fight and energy is what you need most to win.

        • cv,
          Now were getting somewhere.

        • Banging your head against the door constantly until you become unconscious can expend a lot of energy…but it’s not particularly productive or efficient to opening it.

          • They won 12 of the first 15and won I believe 45 or 46 games last year.

          • If you match up the play during those periods to now, the only thing that has changed is how teams play against us. TM has even refocused the teams puckmanagement play lately, instead of changing it. We’re even healthier than we we’re back then. Plus we added Sturm. Clifford has developed into a regular, and Martinez is here now also. Mitchell for OD, Poni for Fro, and no Randy Jones. This team should by all accounts be playing better not worse.

            I hope it’s just a simple matter of adding more fight and energy, but I see it as more complicated than that.

  8. Oh yeah energy cannot be created or destroyed is what I meant. This energy has taken other forms. What these forms or enigmas into which it has morphed is the palingenesis of where recreation must begin. Thank you.

  9. Terry Murray is clearly the problem here, and Dean Lombardi pulling the trigger and getting a new man behind the bench is the solution. The guys are playing like they have lost faith in the system, and the results are showing. They have lost all heart and all the grit that won them the 12 of 15 they had at the start of the season, and they need someone back there who can help them find that heart again. I don’t know how much further out of the playoff picture DL wants to let the team slip before he pulls the trigger on a new coach. They need to do something while the season can still be salvaged.


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