Well, we got 2 out of 3 on the last Topsy Terry Thread. Let’s predict what his adjustments to this one against the Blues will be?

Let’s see, last time we said he will shuffle the lines and HE DID! Think we will stick with that one for the next game.

We also guessed Quick would start and HE DID! Sweet. Now, will Bernier start? I am going to say yes. Despite pathetic cycle after pathetic cycle and a completely broken system, Terry will blame this loss on Quick and the bad goal. It’s easier that way. For what it’s worth, Quick did cost us that goal, but he did not cost us the game. You score one goal in this league and you lose the super majority of games. But I digress. Bernier will start.

Any other adjustments? I am thinking either Harrold or Drewiske is coming back. I am going with that one again. It didn’t happen this game because of the back to back. Terry will want to “shake things up.” Keep shaking Topsy.

As an added bonus, we may hear about “shot mentality”, being “strong on the puck” and “puck management.” He will say NOTHING about what Jim Fox stated during the telecast and the SECOND consecutive game we have heard the same thing from a color guy…what did Jim Fox say? That is coming in another article.

The zone entry statistics are coming up next.