We all remember Terry Murray’s “He won. He won. He’s playing. He won. Period”

This became the “win and you’re in” philosophy that our aged leader behind the bench proclaimed as goaltending law.

The Kings lost on Monday against the Stars 2-1. Bernier played well. Terry Murray thought he gave up one bad goal, the first one. I personally thought it was nonsense to call it a bad goal (a high tip off the skate for goodness sake) but it was in particular bad taste to make such a comment in the press about a goal that most netminders would struggle to save. Regardless, the battle cry was clear. He lost. He’s out.

The Kings lost on Tuesday against the Blues 2-1. Jonathan Quick had a Cloutier moment on the second, and game winning, goal. He played well with the sole exception of that goal. Nobody in their right mind calls that anything other than a bad goal.

So, you would expect Bernier to start on Thursday, right? Right?

From Hammond:

MURRAY: “I thought he had a very good game. Going back to Bernier’s game, I thought he had a very good game. I thought Quick’s game was very good last night. The timing of the goal against, and the goal itself, were not good, but he’s our No. 1 guy. It’s a big division game here, and he will play.”

Excuse me? He’s our number 1? It’s a big divisional game here? He will play? What happened to win and you’re in? Was that just bullshit for the moment? Is there a condition subsequent that turns win and you’re in into lose and you’re in? Didn’t Bernier play just as well as Quick with the same result? Which is it coach Murray?

MURRAY: “Well, we did have two losses in a row. I do believe, though, that when you’ve got someone who is going hot, in a stretch that we’re in right now, that you have to keep going with them. I could have easily gone back with Bernier last night, because I really did like his game in the Dallas game. He was focused and he was sharp. But when I’m doing what I’m doing, the decision is based on Quick being our No. 1 guy right now. His play was real good last night. I know he’s very disappointed, at the end of the day, with what happened. I’m going to give him a chance to regroup and get back in there.”

I see. I am sure the players love having a coach at the helm that brings such integrity through his words and proclamations. To some, their word is like oak. To others, it’s a weeping willow.

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  1. This is exactly why Murray loses the room within three years. Imagine how he is behind closed doors.

  2. Yes indeed more strange happenings from this Murray fellow. Will it ever end? Soon hopefully very soon.

  3. Sometimes you have to learn how to lose. To lose ugly, and lose as a team. Before you can win.

  4. Your first mistake is trying to make sense of Terry Murray. None of the goals were Bernier’s fault despite what Murray said. And, yes, Quick did have a good game last night. He also let in one of his biggest softies of the year.

    Lombardi’s quotes on Home Ice today drove me absolutely crazy.

  5. That second goal was bad, but that first goal was also bad on Quicks part. It came off a turn over that originated with Quick, who under no pressure over passed a puck that he should of just let go to his defenseman. The defenseman missed the pass, the opposition got it cycled and scored. Even though I’m happy Quick is playing the next game, Murrays’ about face on the “win and your in” strategy lasted as long as his line changes. 1 game. I think Murray should be tested for Adult ADHD.

  6. Lose the game and let in a horrible goal and you’re still the man! We are faithful to a fault!

  7. meh. Votes of confidence have worked well with Quick in the past – like all the emphatic “he’s our #1” talk early this year when everybody else was calling Bernier a Calder favorite. Quick has earned the #1 spot and not done poorly enough to lose it yet. “Win and you’re in” is fair for Bernier but they are not on equal footing – yet.


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